Malvina AKE

Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
George CAPERTON 1777

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage Aft 1813

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
George CAPERTON Husband Virginia 1777 Bolivar, Jackson County, Alabama 04 Apr 1836
Adam CAPERTON Father-in-law Augusta County, Virginia 1753 Mount Sterling, Montgomery County, Kentucky 22 Mar 1782
Elizabeth MILLER Mother-in-law 1757
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
John CAPERTON Brother-in-law Shenandoah, Prince William County, Virginia 1775 Madison County, Kentucky 1827
Elizabeth CAPERTON Sister-in-law 1778
Mary CAPERTON Sister-in-law 1779
Hugh CAPERTON Brother-in-law 17 Apr 1781 1847
Nephews & Nieces
Adam Swanson CAPERTON Nephew-in-law
George Haney CAPERTON Nephew-in-law
Ryan CAPERTON Nephew-in-law 1801
Mariah CAPERTON Niece-in-law 1803
James Gibson CAPERTON Nephew-in-law 1808
Mary T. CAPERTON Niece-in-law 1813
John Clay CAPERTON Nephew-in-law 1815
Eleanor Jane CAPERTON Niece-in-law 1821
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Aletha CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
Elizabeth CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
George H. CAPERTON Grandnephew-in-law
John A. CAPERTON Grandnephew-in-law
Louisa CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
Lucy CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
Martha CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
Nicie CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
William Gaston CAPERTON Grandnephew-in-law
Elizabeth FUDGE Grandmother-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany
Jacob MILLER Grandfather-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany
John CAPERTON Grandfather-in-law
Polly Mary THOMPSON Grandmother-in-law
Great grandparents-in-law
Jacob , Sr. MILLER Great grandfather-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany
John FUDGE Great grandfather-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany
Katherine MAGERT Great grandmother-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany