Kizziah BIVEN

Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
Jesse BOONE 05 Jan 1743 Ratliff BOONE
Elizabeth BOONE

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage 07 Jan 1773
Death Harpole Cemetery, Boonville, Warrick County, Indiana

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Jesse BOONE Husband Isle of Wight County, Virginia 05 Jan 1743 Harpole Cemetery, Boonville, Warrick County, Indiana 16 Feb 1828
Ratliff BOONE Son 18 Jan 1781 Pike County, Indiana
Elizabeth BOONE Daughter 27 Sep 1783
Rhoda BOONE Daughter Georgia 02 Aug 1789 Harpole Cemetery, Boonville, Warrick County, Indiana 08 Aug 1859
Allen BOONE Grandson
Baily Hart BOONE Grandson
Maria BOONE Granddaughter
Matilda BOONE Granddaughter
Minerva BOONE Granddaughter
Perry BOONE Grandson
Rebecca BURNS Granddaughter 13 Sep 1801
Biven BURNS Grandson 25 Mar 1804
Malinda BOON Granddaughter Kentucky 1804 1874
Rhoda BURNS Granddaughter 19 Nov 1806 04 Jun 1886
Jessie BURNS Granddaughter 13 Sep 1809 01 Dec 1856
Harmon B HARPOLE Grandson Kentucky 08 Jul 1812 Warrick County, Indiana 14 Jul 1879
Edward H. BURNS Grandson 13 Sep 1812 06 Sep 1872
John Bevin HARPOLE Grandson 23 Aug 1814
Kisiah BURNS Granddaughter 02 Apr 1815 26 Mar 1846
Kissah HARPOLE Granddaughter 25 Dec 1816
Sallie BURNS Granddaughter 29 Nov 1817 06 Nov 1874
Elizabeth HARPOLE Granddaughter 22 Oct 1819 04 Apr 1897
Ratliff BURNS Grandson 24 Aug 1820 21 Jun 1901
William Skyles HARPOLE Grandson 05 Jun 1822
David BURNS Grandson 28 Jan 1823 22 Nov 1870
Margaret HARPOLE Granddaughter 06 Feb 1825 Warrick County, Indiana 13 Aug 1827
Elizabeth BURNS Granddaughter 07 Nov 1825 01 Aug 1861
Martha Jane HARPOLE Granddaughter 28 Apr 1828 14 Nov 1830
Minerva BURNS Granddaughter 11 May 1829 20 Sep 1907
Laura Jane HARPOLE Granddaughter 09 Jul 1859
Great grandchildren
John VANNADA Great grandson
Thomas ALEXANDER Great grandson
Susan K. ALEXANDER Great granddaughter Indiana 20 Dec 1820 Warrick County, Indiana 02 Mar 1877
William ALEXANDER Great grandson 1823 1899
Delilah ALEXANDER Great granddaughter 1825 1903
John ALEXANDER Great grandson Indiana 1827
Ratliff Boon ALEXANDER Great grandson Indiana 1830
Susannah Jane ALEXANDER Great granddaughter Indiana 20 Dec 1830 1916
James G. ALEXANDER Great grandson 1832 1846
Jacob HARGRAVE Great grandson 1834
Perry B. ALEXANDER Great grandson 1834 1852
Amanda HARGRAVE Great granddaughter 1836
Homer ALEXANDER Great grandson Indiana 1836 1877
Rhoda HARGRAVE Great granddaughter 1838
Bailey ALEXANDER Great grandson 1839 1861
William C. HARPOLE Great grandson 15 Dec 1839
Solomon VANNADA Great grandson 25 Jan 1840
Martha J VANNADA Great granddaughter 13 Feb 1842
Laura HARGRAVE Great granddaughter 1842
Middleton HARPOLE Great grandson 1842
Randolph ALEXANDER Jr. Great grandson 1842 1914
George HARPOLE Great grandson 1844
George VANNADA Great grandson 08 Dec 1844 1928
Albert HARPOLE Great grandson 27 Nov 1846 Warrick County, Indiana 30 Sep 1892
Margaret HARPOLE Great granddaughter 1847
Ann Elizabeth VANNADA Great granddaughter 1848
John HARPOLE Great grandson 1849
Rhoda HARPOLE Great granddaughter 1852
Isabel HARPOLE Great granddaughter 1853
Franklin HARPOLE Great grandson 1854
Rhoda Elizabeth HARPOLE Great granddaughter 11 Apr 1855 Barrett Cemetery, Pike County, Indiana 23 Nov 1933
Charles W. VANNADA Great grandson 1856
Eujene HARPOLE Great grandson 1856
Josephine V. VANNADA Great granddaughter 1856
William B HARPOLE Great grandson 1857
Lafayette VANNADA Great grandson 13 Jan 1859
Laura HARPOLE Great granddaughter 1859
Second grandchildren
Charles BARRETT Second grandson
Charles HOPKINS Second grandson
Charles M. HARPOLE Second grandson
Clyde HARPOLE Second grandson
Daisy A. HARPOLE Second granddaughter
Dunbar H. HARPOLE Second grandson
Estella M. HARPOLE Second granddaughter
John F. HARPOLE Second grandson Warrick County, Indiana 30 Jan 1874
Mary HOPKINS Second granddaughter
Ollie HOPKINS Second granddaughter
Rhoda B. HARPOLE Second granddaughter
William Franklin ALEXANDER Second grandson
Melinda ROBERTS Second granddaughter 1844
William Franklin ROBERTS Second grandson 1848 1914
Mary ALEXANDER Second granddaughter 1849
Albert R. ALEXANDER Second grandson 1852
Son ROBERTS Second grandson 1852
Andrew W. ALEXANDER Second grandson 1854
John Randolph ROBERTS Second grandson 1854 1936
Charles M. ALEXANDER Second grandson 1856
George W. ROBERTS Second grandson 1857
Maria Jane ROBERTS Second granddaughter 1857 1895
Minerva HOPKINS Second granddaughter 1857
Laura Belle ALEXANDER Second granddaughter 1858
Clarence E. HOPKINS Second grandson 1859
Anna HOPKINS Second granddaughter 1861
George Homer ALEXANDER Second grandson 1862
Ann Eliza ALEXANDER Second granddaughter 1863
Anna Eliza HOPKINS Second granddaughter 1864
Ella HOPKINS Second granddaughter 1866
Robert Boon ALEXANDER Second grandson 1866
Eva L HARPOLE Second granddaughter 1868 20 Apr 1871
Nancy ALEXANDER Second granddaughter 1870
Mattie ALEXANDER Second granddaughter 1872
Nora ALEXANDER Second granddaughter 1874
Alva ALEXANDER Second granddaughter 1876
Harmon Raphus WOOLSEY Second grandson 01 Nov 1879 Parklawn Cemetery, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 11 Jan 1950
Ida WOOLSEY Second granddaughter 08 Aug 1882 Barrett Cemetery, Pike County, Indiana 24 Nov 1953
Marion VANADA Second grandson 1885
Artie Mecie WOOLSEY Second granddaughter Spurgeon, Pike County, Indiana 12 Jun 1886 Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 16 Nov 1942
Jesse Columbus WOOLSEY Jr. Second grandson Pike County, Indiana 13 Dec 1888 Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 02 Dec 1981
Third grandchildren
Flora Belle MITCHUM Third granddaughter Warrick County, Indiana 15 May 1879 27 Oct 1965
Mary Delilah ROBERT Third granddaughter 1885 1917
Edward Walker ROBERTS Third grandson 1887 1960
Grace Alta ROBERTS Third granddaughter 1888 1971
George Frank ROBERTS Third grandson 1894
William Hubbard ROBERTS Third grandson 1898 1989
Myrtle WOOLSEY Third granddaughter 16 Jul 1900
Virgil Loyd DAVIS Third grandson 27 Aug 1900 31 Dec 1962
Helen Elizabeth ROBERTS Third granddaughter 1902
Nellie Pearl WOOLSEY Third granddaughter 22 Aug 1902 Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 27 Aug 1970
Mecia ROSS Third granddaughter 18 Sep 1902 Huntingburg, Dubois County, Indiana 04 Oct 1962
Verner Floyd DAVIS Third grandson 29 Apr 1903 23 Mar 1958
Charley DAVIS Third grandson 22 Feb 1905 01 Jul 1982
Harley DAVIS Third grandson 22 Feb 1905 05 Oct 1984
Rhoda Elizabeth ROSS Third granddaughter 16 Jun 1905 NOV 1972
Gertrude Elizabeth DAVIS Third granddaughter Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 25 Feb 1907 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 14 Aug 1990
Geneva Stella WOOLSEY Third granddaughter 01 Feb 1908
Harmon Franklin WOOLSEY Third grandson 10 May 1908 13 Sep 1974
Charles WOOLSEY Third grandson 28 Jan 1910 11 Apr 1979
Elizbeth Irene WOOLSEY Third granddaughter 25 Mar 1911
Irene DAVIS Third granddaughter 06 Aug 1913 Oregon 27 Mar 1975
Dorothy Cordelia WOOLSEY Third granddaughter 29 Nov 1913
James Temple WOOLSEY Third grandson 23 Aug 1915
Edwin ROSS
Dewey Richard WOOLSEY
Chester VANADA
Herbert Edward WOOLSEY
Jess William WOOLSEY
Fourth grandchildren
Bonnie Jeanne HUCK Fourth granddaughter
Clinton WOOLSEY Fourth grandson
Gerald BAKER Fourth grandson
Jack DAVIS Fourth grandson
John Vance ROBERTS Fourth grandson
Marilyn Jean BAKER Fourth granddaughter
Richard Randolph ROBERTS Fourth grandson
William ROBERTS Fourth grandson
Albert William MCGLOTHIN Fourth grandson 1900 1966
Dora Belle MCGLOTHIN Fourth granddaughter 1902 1981
Russell MCGLOTHIN Fourth grandson Warrick County, Indiana 29 May 1904 Newburgh, Warrick County, Indiana 30 Apr 1985
Herbert Mitchem MCGLOTHIN Fourth grandson 1910
John T. HANNING Fourth grandson 1911
Frank HANNING Fourth grandson 1912
Ruth Maria MCGLOTHIN Fourth granddaughter Warrick County, Indiana 17 Jul 1915 Sullivan, Sullivan County, Indiana 23 Dec 1988
Virginia Helen HANNING Fourth granddaughter 1916
Virginia Alice ROBERTS
Robert Wesley , Jr. WATERS
Edward Franklin ROBERTS Fourth grandson 1922 1979
Clesta Cozette DAVIS
Issac Kenneth MCGLOTHIN
Elenora DYSON
Raymond WATERS
Fred Louis , Jr LUCAS
Vergie May DAVIS Fourth granddaughter 19 Aug 1925 27 Jun 1937
William Homar LUCAS Fourth grandson 10 Sep 1927 23 Sep 1929
Harmon Coleman WOOLSEY
Etta Faye DAVIS
Earnest DAVIS
Frederick Christian MILLER II
Billy Joe DAVIS
Thurman Earl LUCAS Fourth grandson Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 21 Apr 1931
Patrica Joy DAVIS
Helen June LUCAS
Elizabeth BARRETT
Donald Ray LUCAS Fourth grandson 16 Jun 1937 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma 23 May 1979
Carol Jean BARRETT
William Byron DAVIS
Linda Irene DAVIS
Debra Lynn DAVIS
Fifth grandchildren
Bobby DAVIS Fifth grandson
Bobby WATERS Fifth grandson
Charlene DAVIS Fifth granddaughter
Eric DAVIS Fifth grandson
Gary Len DAVIS Fifth grandson
Janice WATERS Fifth granddaughter
Jill DAVIS Fifth granddaughter
Kathleen Joy PRICKETT Fifth granddaughter
Kerry DAVIS Fifth grandson
Michael Creel PRICKETT Fifth grandson
Patrica Irene PRICKETT Fifth granddaughter
Raymond WATERS Fifth grandson
Vernon Ray DAVIS Fifth grandson
Jewell Belle HUNSAKER
Duane Edwin HANNING Fifth grandson 1936 1951
Robert Keith SPRADLIN
Kenneth Ray HUNSAKER Fifth grandson 1938 1963
Janice Jeanette HOPPER
Ronald Amel HOPPER
Richard A. HANNING
Alice Marie SPRADLIN
Donald Eugene GENTRY
Gary Albert HOPPER
Harry Donald SPRADLIN
Richard A. HANNING
Jimmie Fred ANDERSON
Tommy Earl GENTRY
Cheryl Elaine ROBERTS
Herbert Mitchem Ii MCGLOTHIN
Verba Gail MEINERT
Sharon DAVIS
Deborah Elaine MCGLOTHIN
Deborah Marlene GENTRY
Calvin DAVIS
Melanie Kaye MEINERT
Roger Aaron DAVIS
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Johnnie DAVIS
Mark Kevin WOOLSEY
Rickey Allen RICE
Steven William HICKS
Carol Earlene LUCAS Fifth granddaughter 17 Dec 1956 Crawford, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 05 Jun 1960
Jerry Don LUCAS
Marlon Kent WOOLSEY
Rondle Wayne RICE
Monty Kris WOOLSEY
Vicky Lynn LUCAS
Frank Dean LUCAS Fifth grandson Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 06 Jan 1960
Gaye Lenette RICE
Max Kurtis WOOLSEY
Julia Ann LUCAS
Melissa Kay WOOLSEY
Frederick Christian Iii MILLER
Kenneth Adams MILLER
Cindy Ann LUCAS
Traci Lynn WINEGAR
Lori Michelle WINEGAR
6th grandchildren
Becky LUCAS 6th granddaughter
Brian LUCAS 6th grandson
Joe LUCAS 6th grandson
Kyle Benjamin DAMRON 6th grandson
Whitney TEEL 6th granddaughter
Jeane Renee GENTRY
Robert Lee NORRIS
Donna Darlene NORRIS
Patrick Martin BELL 6th grandson 1969 1988
Aaron John PEART
James Matthew GENTRY
Duke Colby DAMRON
Brock Thomas PEART
Jacob Ryan DAMRON
Vicki Leigh TAYLOR
Cody Layne DAMRON
Jacie Leight MCDANIEL
Amy Michelle DAMRON
Dusti Dawn LUCAS
Shawn Roberts PEART
Buffie Renay LUCAS
Bryan Jennings TAYLOR
Sara Marie OWENS
Jessica LUCAS
Becky Lynn LUCAS
Ashlea LUCAS
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Edward BURNS Son-in-law 1773 22 Feb 1839
Randolph ALEXANDER Sr. Grandson-in-law South Carolina 1798 1876
Martin Luther VANNADA Grandson-in-law 04 Dec 1815 24 May 1909
Mary Jane KELLY Granddaughter-in-law 1818
Elisa GRIFFITH Granddaughter-in-law 1825
Elizabeth Jane WEST Granddaughter-in-law 05 May 1834 Warrick County, Indiana 14 Apr 1908
Great grandchildren-in-law
Rachel WILLIAMS Great granddaughter-in-law
Jesse Columbus WOOLSEY Great grandson-in-law Pike County, Indiana 13 Mar 1836 Pike County, Indiana 31 Dec 1890
Second grandchildren-in-law
Andrew Jackson ROSS Second grandson-in-law 10 Feb 1877 Barrett Cemetery, Pike County, Indiana 15 Apr 1950
Fannie ROSS Second granddaughter-in-law 04 Aug 1879 Parklawn Cemetery, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 20 Mar 1950
Willian Garfield DAVIS Second grandson-in-law Indiana 23 Aug 1880 Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 16 Mar 1951
Amy Rosalthy HOPPER Second granddaughter-in-law Warrick County, Indiana 16 Feb 1887 Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 12 Dec 1970
Third grandchildren-in-law
Arron R. BROWN Third grandson-in-law
Guy BARRETT Third grandson-in-law Huntingburg, Dubois County, Indiana
Jessie LOGAN Third granddaughter-in-law
Mary E. KING Third granddaughter-in-law
Fred Louis LUCAS Third grandson-in-law Peru, Miami County, Indiana 26 Aug 1899 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 19 May 1989
Leonard Cleo DYSON Third grandson-in-law 26 Sep 1900 Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 07 Feb 1977
Farry Ann SHUGART Third granddaughter-in-law 17 Dec 1901
Isaac T. BARRETT Third grandson-in-law 28 May 1902 Barrett Cemetery, Pike County, Indiana 20 Nov 1972
Ester Lenora SIMPSON Third granddaughter-in-law 22 Sep 1912
Fourth grandchildren-in-law
Avril MATHEWS Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Janice Anne FREDEEN Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Victor Eugene Ii WINEGAR Fourth grandson-in-law
Eddie Lee MCDANIELS Fourth grandson-in-law 02 Dec 1913
Eugene William HICKS
Wanzell HARDIN
Brilla June ADERHOLD
Betty CARR Fourth granddaughter-in-law 06 Jun 1934 1980
Fifth grandchildren-in-law
Bill ECKESLEY Fifth grandson-in-law
Carol ANN Fifth granddaughter-in-law
Donny TEEL Fifth grandson-in-law
Florence BUTREY Fifth granddaughter-in-law
Gary JOHNSON Fifth grandson-in-law
KATHY Fifth granddaughter-in-law
Lynn James OWENS Fifth grandson-in-law
Sisie Redonna BENTLEY Fifth granddaughter-in-law
Phyllis Jean CISSIAN
Jacqueline Juanita WEBB
Randy Carl O'NEAL
Gordon Ray DAMRON
Jimmy Dale TATUM