Abraham Conrad ADERHOLD

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Abraham ADERHOLD 1790

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 30 Oct 1831 Franklin County, Georgia
Death 15 Nov 1921 Archer City, Archer County, Texas
Burial 1921 Archer City Cemetery, Archer County, Texas

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Margret JOHNSON Partner or wife Blooming Grove, Navarro County, Texas 1903
Brothers & Sisters
Catherine ADERHOLD Sister
Elizabeth ADERHOLD Sister
Fannie ADERHOLD Sister
George W. ADERHOLD Brother
Henry ADERHOLD MD Brother
John H. ADERHOLD Brother
Rebecca ADERHOLD Sister
William ADERHOLD MD Brother Georgia abt 1827
Beatrice ADERHOLD Daughter
Clarence ADERHOLD Son
Fannie ADERHOLD Daughter
Hassie ADERHOLD Daughter
Ida ADERHOLD Daughter
Johnson D. ADERHOLD Son
Lou ADERHOLD Daughter
Florance ADERHOLD Daughter Georgia 29 Sep 1859 Nararro County, Texas 23 Mar 1890
Ham Harbor ADERHOLD Son Suger Valley, Gordon, Georgia 17 Jul 1868 Roll, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 04 Mar 1949
Georgie ADERHOLD Daughter 13 Jul 1872 05 Jun 1965
Abraham ADERHOLD Father South Carolina 1790
Ann Julie ADERHOLD Granddaughter
Bessie ADERHOLD Granddaughter
Beth GIBSON Granddaughter
Bunha ADERHOLD Granddaughter
Carl MORGAN Grandson
Chester ADERHOLD Grandson
Clara GIBSON Granddaughter
Claude SEEMORE Grandson
Cleve KENDALL Grandson
Dollie MCCARETY Granddaughter
Dovie MCCARETY Granddaughter
Edna ADERHOLD Granddaughter
Edna GIBSON Granddaughter
Elmer ADERHOLD Grandson
Floyd ADERHOLD Grandson
Gladis GIBSON Granddaughter
Ida GIBSON Granddaughter
Idell ADERHOLD Granddaughter
J. D. POWELL Grandson
Jack GIBSON Grandson
Kate GIBSON Granddaughter
Kile ADERHOLD Grandson
Lonn SEEMORE Grandson
Mildred GIBSON Granddaughter
Musett ADERHOLD Grandson
Myrele SEEMORE Granddaughter
Nellie SEEMORE Granddaughter
Oscar ADERHOLD Grandson
Pearl MCCARETY Granddaughter
Randalph ADERHOLD Grandson
Rookie MORGAN Grandson
Surmor ADERHOLD Granddaughter
Wille MCCARETY Grandson
Willie MORGAN Grandson
Ethal KENDALL Granddaughter 1881
Magie KENDALL Granddaughter 1883
Willie KENDALL Grandson 1886
Cleve KENDALL Granddaughter 24 Oct 1887
Ernest KENDALL Grandson 29 Jul 1889
Ethel ADERHOLD Granddaughter Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas 27 Nov 1892 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 11 Feb 1983
Margie ADERHOLD Granddaughter Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas 08 Nov 1895 21 Oct 1967
Inez ADERHOLD Granddaughter Fairview, Franklin County, Georgia 06 Nov 1898
Fred Harber ADERHOLD Grandson Purdon, Navarro County, Texas 03 Dec 1900 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 11 Feb 1983
Walter ADERHOLD Grandson Ashland, Upshur County, Texas 23 Jan 1902 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma
Great grandchildren
Annis MCCLELLAN Great granddaughter
Clarence MCCLELLAN Great grandson
Freda MCCLELLAN Great granddaughter
John MCCLELLAN Great grandson
Kermit MCCLELLAN Great grandson
Neil MCCLELLAN Great grandson
Ralf MCCLELLAN Great grandson
Warren MCCLELLAN Great grandson
Jack Wayne ADERHOLD Great grandson 25 Dec 1928 Roll, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 18 Dec 1949
Brilla June ADERHOLD
Second grandchildren
Carol Earlene LUCAS Second granddaughter 17 Dec 1956 Crawford, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 05 Jun 1960
Frank Dean LUCAS Second grandson Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 06 Jan 1960
Julia Ann LUCAS
Third grandchildren
Jessica LUCAS
Ashlea LUCAS
Elizabeth Grandmother Maryland 1762
John Conrad ADERHOLD Grandfather Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany 1765
Great grandparents
Friedrich Wilhelm ADERHOLD Great grandfather North Carolina
Second great grandparents
Johusa Kasper ADERHOLD Second great grandfather Utzletler, Dillenburg, Germany, Holy Roman Empire
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Tom GIST Son-in-law
Sam KENDALL Son-in-law Jackson Parish, Louisiana 09 Jan 1855 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 05 Apr 1938
Maude Marion JONES Daughter-in-law Purdon, Navarro County, Texas 07 Dec 1869 Roll, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 18 Jun 1950
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Charles Woodson SEWELL Brother-in-law
Uncles & Aunts
Elizabith ADERHOLD Aunt
Isaac ADERHOLD Uncle
Lewis ADERHOLD Uncle
Polly Rachel ADERHOLD Aunt
Rebecca ADERHOLD Aunt
Leah Ann ADERHOLD Aunt South Carolina 24 Dec 1794 03 Jul 1871
Great uncles & Great aunts
Jacob ADERHOLD Great uncle
John George ADERHOLD Great uncle
Uncles-in-law & Aunts-in-law
Daniel AYERS Uncle-in-law
Lester C. MCCLELLAN Grandson-in-law 03 Oct 1889 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma
CLETICE Granddaughter-in-law 24 Dec 1894
Lorene Elizibeth SPEARS Granddaughter-in-law Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, Tennessee 20 Feb 1901 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 24 Nov 1971
Great grandchildren-in-law
Thurman Earl LUCAS Great grandson-in-law Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 21 Apr 1931
Second grandchildren-in-law
Randy Carl O'NEAL
Jimmy Dale TATUM