Eleanor CONN

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Joseph CONN Elizabeth CONN

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage 28 Jun 1798 Madison County, Kentucky

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
George CAPERTON Husband Virginia 1777 Bolivar, Jackson County, Alabama 04 Apr 1836
Brothers & Sisters
Aletha CONN Sister Washington City, Washington, D.C.
Aletha Avis CAPERTON Daughter 1841
Mahala CAPERTON Daughter
Permintina CAPERTON Daughter
Catherine Elizabeth CAPERTON Daughter Alabama 17 Jun 1798 20 Jun 1873
John Elson CAPERTON Son 1801
Hugh Prior CAPERTON Son 30 Sep 1804 Caperton Cemetery, Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama 22 May 1865
George Winfield CAPERTON Son 09 Nov 1810 Caperton Cemetery, Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama 08 Jul 1868
Adam Harrison CAPERTON Son Tennessee 1813 1885
Elizabeth CONN Mother
Joseph CONN Father
Adam CAPERTON Grandson
Eleanor CAPERTON Granddaughter
Eleanor NORWOOD Granddaughter
Eletha Jane CHAMBERS Granddaughter
Elizabeth Ann COWAN Granddaughter
Elizabeth CHAMBERS Granddaughter
Elizabeth NORWOOD Granddaughter
George A. NORWOOD Grandson 1847
George CAPERTON Grandson
George Caperton CHAMBERS Grandson
Hugh E. CAPERTON Grandson
Hugh J. NORWOOD Grandson
Hugh P. CAPERTON Grandson
James A. CAPERTON Grandson
James G. CAPERTON Grandson
John E. , Jr. CAPERTON Grandson
John Fox CAPERTON Grandson
John H. CAPERTON Grandson
John H. NORWOOD Grandson
Mahala CAPERTON Granddaughter
Malinda Hugh COWAN Granddaughter
Margaret CAPERTON Granddaughter
Marshall CHAMBERS Grandson
Mary NORWOOD Granddaughter
Nancy CHAMBERS Granddaughter
Paulina CAPERTON Granddaughter
Paulina M. COWAN Granddaughter Alabama
Pauline CAPERTON Granddaughter
Prudence CAPERTON Granddaughter
Samuel CAPERTON Grandson
Thomas A. CAPERTON Grandson
Virginia CHAMBERS Granddaughter
William CAPERTON Grandson
William G. CAPERTON Grandson
Eleanor Susan COWAN Granddaughter 19 Jul 1821 Caperton Cemetery, Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama 27 Mar 1854
Samuel C. NORWOOD Grandson 31 Dec 1821 Caperton Cemetery, Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama 17 Jul 1895
Minerva Jane COWAN Granddaughter Tennessee 1824 Caperton Cemetery, Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama 18 Feb 1852
James H. COWAN Grandson Alabama 1828
Margaret Eleanor CAPERTON Granddaughter 19 Mar 1831 19 Jan 1853
George E. COWAN Grandson Alabama abt 1835
Paulina CAPERTON Granddaughter 1839
George S. CAPERTON Grandson 1841
Virginia CAPERTON Granddaughter 1843
Alexander H. COWAN Grandson Alabama abt 1844
Hugh C. CAPERTON Grandson 1845
Cornelia CAPERTON Granddaughter 1848
Great grandchildren
Byron NORWOOD Great grandson
Clara E. NORWOOD Great granddaughter
George H. NORWOOD Great grandson
John MASON Great grandson
Thomas A. NORWOOD Great grandson
William MASON Great grandson
William Mason FOSTER Great grandson 1838 1864
Samuel Cowan FOSTER Great grandson 1839 1864
Elizabeth Catherine MASON Great granddaughter Jackson County, Alabama 04 Jun 1840 Younger Cemetery. Blooming Grove, Navarro County, Texas 30 Apr 1905
Elizabeth MASON Great granddaughter 1840
Thomas Theodore FOSTER Great grandson 1840
George Caperton MASON Great grandson 1842 1929
Andrew Boyd FOSTER Great grandson 1843
Hugh Capteron FOSTER Great grandson 1844
Sarah Elizabeth FOSTER Great granddaughter 1846 1873
Winfield Scott MASON Great grandson 1846 1861
Prudence Jane FOSTER Great granddaughter 1847
Hugh MASON Great grandson 1849
James John FOSTER Great grandson 1849
Robert Alexander FOSTER Great grandson 1850
Margaret Caperton HARDIE Great granddaughter 1852
Mary Katharine FOSTER Great granddaughter 1852
Eleanor Susan FOSTER Great granddaughter 1854
Second grandchildren
Clara Jenny MASON Second granddaughter
Claud MASON Second grandson
Cora JONES Second granddaughter
George MASON Second grandson
John MASON Second grandson
Julia MASON Second granddaughter
Lillian MASON Second granddaughter
Louis MASON Second grandson
Mary Ella MASON Second granddaughter
Mildred MASON Second granddaughter
Nona Mae MASON Second granddaughter
Norris MASON Second grandson
Robert MASON Second grandson
Ruth JONES Second granddaughter
Sallie MASON Second granddaughter
Sam JONES Second grandson
Tom JONES Second grandson
William MASON Second grandson
Agatha Glover JONES Second granddaughter Jackson County, Alabama 10 Jun 1868 Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 07 Oct 1957
Maude Marion JONES Second granddaughter Purdon, Navarro County, Texas 07 Dec 1869 Roll, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 18 Jun 1950
R. Bruce JONES Second grandson Nararro County, Texas 11 Jun 1871 Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 29 Jan 1956
Addie Lee JONES Second granddaughter 09 May 1873
Rhett JONES Second grandson Purdon, Navarro County, Texas 12 Jan 1879 14 May 1967
Third grandchildren
Earl JONES Third grandson
Ellen JONES Third granddaughter
Elmer JONES Third grandson
Forest GUTHERIE Third grandson
Hazel JONES Third granddaughter
Lorane JONES Third granddaughter
Mattie JONES Third granddaughter
Oma TADLOCK Third granddaughter
Oscar ADERHOLD Third grandson
Pearl GUTHERIE Third granddaughter
Ruth JONES Third granddaughter
Willie JONES Third grandson
Ethel ADERHOLD Third granddaughter Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas 27 Nov 1892 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 11 Feb 1983
Guy KENDALL Third grandson 08 Sep 1894
Blanch KENDALL Third granddaughter AUG 1895 24 May 1896
Margie ADERHOLD Third granddaughter Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas 08 Nov 1895 21 Oct 1967
Veron Mason KENDALL Third grandson Somerville, Burleson County, Texas 16 Feb 1896
Inez ADERHOLD Third granddaughter Fairview, Franklin County, Georgia 06 Nov 1898
Vivian KENDALL Third granddaughter 19 Oct 1899
Fred Harber ADERHOLD Third grandson Purdon, Navarro County, Texas 03 Dec 1900 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 11 Feb 1983
Sam KENDALL Third grandson 16 Jun 1901
Walter ADERHOLD Third grandson Ashland, Upshur County, Texas 23 Jan 1902 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma
Clyde KENDALL Third grandson 1903
Ruth G. KENDALL Third granddaughter 11 May 1905 JAN 1983
Kate Ella JONES Third granddaughter 27 Oct 1908 17 Sep 1946
Bernice KENDALL Third granddaughter 19 Sep 1909
Tom Clarence JONES Third grandson 13 Dec 1909 15 Apr 1981
Rozell B. JONES Third grandson 04 Mar 1910 27 Sep 1980
Mildred May JONES Third granddaughter Roll, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 11 Jun 1911
Milton Homer JONES Third grandson 13 Aug 1911
Helen Madge JONES Third granddaughter 25 Apr 1913
G. Chester JONES Third grandson 29 Sep 1913
Nellie Pearl JONES Third granddaughter 01 Feb 1915 09 Nov 1980
Ira JONES Third grandson 02 Sep 1915 1956
Hoover Hugh JONES Third grandson 07 Sep 1917
Fourth grandchildren
Andrew , Jr. TAYLOR Fourth grandson
Annis MCCLELLAN Fourth granddaughter
Billy KENDALL Fourth grandson
Clarence MCCLELLAN Fourth grandson
Colleen KEAHEY Fourth granddaughter
Floyd Orland KENDALL Fourth grandson
Freda MCCLELLAN Fourth granddaughter
Gail JONES Fourth granddaughter
Jerry JONES Fourth grandson
Jerry KENDALL Fourth grandson
Joann KENDALL Fourth granddaughter
John MCCLELLAN Fourth grandson
Joy ARNOLD Fourth granddaughter
Kermit MCCLELLAN Fourth grandson
Neil MCCLELLAN Fourth grandson
Ralf MCCLELLAN Fourth grandson
Samuel KENDALL Fourth grandson
Terry Wayne KEAHEY Fourth grandson
Velda Rae KENDALL Fourth granddaughter
Warren MCCLELLAN Fourth grandson
Wendall G. KEAHEY Fourth grandson
Carl KENDALL Fourth grandson 11 Jan 1916
Lorraine HARRIS Fourth granddaughter NOV 1916
Earl Rexford KENDALL Fourth grandson 14 Feb 1917
Fred , Jr HARRIS
Opal Marie KENDALL
Royce Clifford KENDALL
Glenn Leon KENDALL
Helen Rozene HARRIS
Jack Wayne ADERHOLD Fourth grandson 25 Dec 1928 Roll, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 18 Dec 1949
Brilla June ADERHOLD
Roberta Fern TINNEY
Frida Arline JONES
Kenneth Earl ALLEN
Phyllis Laverne JONES
Wilbur Leslie HENSLEY
Carl Bruce JONES
Bobby Edward ALLEN
Morris Nelson HENSLEY
Laura Ella JINES
David Marion JONES
Robert Alpheus Ii COGBURN
Marvin Dean HENSLEY
Charlie Ross JINES
Margarette Anne JONES
Gary Fred COBB
Fifth grandchildren
Samuel Edward Ii CONDO
Juanita Jo CONDO
Carol Earlene LUCAS Fifth granddaughter 17 Dec 1956 Crawford, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 05 Jun 1960
Person not exported due to privacy settings
Ronald Edward ALLEN
Frank Dean LUCAS Fifth grandson Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 06 Jan 1960
Julia Ann LUCAS
Gregory Bruce JONES
Deanna Kay ALLEN
Karen Sue COOPER
Galla Dawn ALLEN
Felicia Kate HENSLEY
Kelli Dana ALLEN
Kelly David JONES
Douglas Eugene FELBINGER II
Charlotte Christina HENSLEY
Robert A. Iii COGBURN
Shari Lyn COOPER
Jody Scott JONES
Rebecca Suzette COGBURN
David Bruce JONES
Leroy Scott COGBURN
Erica Dawn HENSLEY
6th grandchildren
Matthew James COATS
Jessica LUCAS
Ashlea LUCAS
Adam CAPERTON Father-in-law Augusta County, Virginia 1753 Mount Sterling, Montgomery County, Kentucky 22 Mar 1782
Elizabeth MILLER Mother-in-law 1757
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Henry NORWOOD Son-in-law
Prudence Gilmore FOSTER Daughter-in-law
Samuel Mitchell COWAN Son-in-law Kentucky 20 Oct 1798 20 Jun 1860
Paulina CLARK Daughter-in-law 06 Jan 1808 10 Feb 1871
America Balinger MUNDAY Daughter-in-law 03 Sep 1813 Caperton Cemetery, Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama 05 May 1857
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
John CAPERTON Brother-in-law Shenandoah, Prince William County, Virginia 1775 Madison County, Kentucky 1827
Elizabeth CAPERTON Sister-in-law 1778
Mary CAPERTON Sister-in-law 1779
Hugh CAPERTON Brother-in-law 17 Apr 1781 1847
Nephews & Nieces
Adam Swanson CAPERTON Nephew-in-law
George Haney CAPERTON Nephew-in-law
Ryan CAPERTON Nephew-in-law 1801
Mariah CAPERTON Niece-in-law 1803
James Gibson CAPERTON Nephew-in-law 1808
Mary T. CAPERTON Niece-in-law 1813
John Clay CAPERTON Nephew-in-law 1815
Eleanor Jane CAPERTON Niece-in-law 1821
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Aletha CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
Elizabeth CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
George H. CAPERTON Grandnephew-in-law
John A. CAPERTON Grandnephew-in-law
Louisa CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
Lucy CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
Martha CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
Nicie CAPERTON Grandniece-in-law
William Gaston CAPERTON Grandnephew-in-law
Elizabeth FUDGE Grandmother-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany
Jacob MILLER Grandfather-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany
John CAPERTON Grandfather-in-law
Polly Mary THOMPSON Grandmother-in-law
Great grandparents-in-law
Jacob , Sr. MILLER Great grandfather-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany
John FUDGE Great grandfather-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany
Katherine MAGERT Great grandmother-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany
T. Boyd FOSTER Grandson-in-law 20 Jul 1810 09 Feb 1895
Sarah A. MILLS Granddaughter-in-law 01 Jan 1827 Caperton Cemetery, Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama
Great grandchildren-in-law
Andrew J. WIMBERLY Great grandson-in-law
Benjamin J. RUDDER Great grandson-in-law
Cornelia THOMPSON Great granddaughter-in-law
Josie JONES Great granddaughter-in-law
Linnie WIMBERLY Great granddaughter-in-law
Marcus RUDDER Great grandson-in-law
Mary M. MILLS Great granddaughter-in-law
Nancy BREWER Great granddaughter-in-law
Tennie WALLACE Great granddaughter-in-law
Thos. L. RUDDER Great grandson-in-law
W. H. CLANTON Great grandson-in-law
Marion Noris JONES Great grandson-in-law 08 Apr 1835 Younger Cemetery. Blooming Grove, Navarro County, Texas 14 Feb 1890
Second grandchildren-in-law
Myrtle Edith THOMPSON Second granddaughter-in-law
Ophelia Ella MALTBY Second granddaughter-in-law
Sam KENDALL Second grandson-in-law Jackson Parish, Louisiana 09 Jan 1855 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 05 Apr 1938
Ham Harbor ADERHOLD Second grandson-in-law Suger Valley, Gordon, Georgia 17 Jul 1868 Roll, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 04 Mar 1949
Third grandchildren-in-law
Bessie Mae PICKETT Third granddaughter-in-law
Daniel ALLEN Third grandson-in-law
Fred COBB Third grandson-in-law
Ike TINNEY Third grandson-in-law
Landon HENSLEY Third grandson-in-law
Phyllis Marie WILSON Third granddaughter-in-law
Ruth HARRISON Third granddaughter-in-law
Walter JINES Third grandson-in-law
Lester C. MCCLELLAN Third grandson-in-law 03 Oct 1889 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma
Lorene Elizibeth SPEARS Third granddaughter-in-law Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County, Tennessee 20 Feb 1901 Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 24 Nov 1971
Fourth grandchildren-in-law
Betty PERRY Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Douglas FELBINGER Fourth grandson-in-law
Edna Mae CLINE Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Eltha Alice GILLIAM Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Jay LESHINSKY Fourth grandson-in-law
June HICKY Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Leon COOPER Fourth grandson-in-law
Lester LYTTEN Fourth grandson-in-law
Margaret Cathy ELY Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Mary Alice OWEN Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Mary Sue MARTY Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Patsy MUSIC Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Samuel Edward CONDO Fourth grandson-in-law 1961
Shirley BRIGHT Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Young Chow KIMM Fourth granddaughter-in-law
Thurman Earl LUCAS Fourth grandson-in-law Roger Mills County, Oklahoma 21 Apr 1931
Fifth grandchildren-in-law
David COATS Fifth grandson-in-law
Donna OLIVER Fifth granddaughter-in-law
Richard , Jr. MITCHELL Fifth grandson-in-law
Randy Carl O'NEAL
Jimmy Dale TATUM