Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Joseph D. ARMSTRONG Amanda


Partner Date of Birth Children

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Marriage 24 May 1883

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Amanda Mother
Joseph D. ARMSTRONG Father
Pleasant N. WHITTINGHILL Father-in-law 05 Apr 1826
Abigail Jane TULEY Mother-in-law 06 Apr 1832
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Abbie E. WHITTINGHILL Sister-in-law
Charles M. WHITTINGHILL Brother-in-law
David W. WHITTINGHILL Brother-in-law
Henry G. WHITTINGHILL Brother-in-law
Jacob P. WHITTINGHILL Brother-in-law
James L. WHITTINGHILL Brother-in-law
John A. WHITTINGHILL Brother-in-law
Josephine WHITTINGHILL Sister-in-law
Rachel L. WHITTINGHILL Sister-in-law
Rebecca J. WHITTINGHILL Sister-in-law
William S. WHITTINGHILL Brother-in-law
Winfield S. WHITTINGHILL Brother-in-law
Desdomonia WHITTINGHILL Sister-in-law 28 Mar 1868 Warrick County, Indiana 05 Sep 1894
Nephews & Nieces
Geneva BARR Niece-in-law
Irl Whittinghill BARR Nephew-in-law Indiana 23 Jan 1890 Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 02 Dec 1967
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Geneva BARR Grandniece-in-law
David WHITTINGHILL Grandfather-in-law 1832
Elizabeth YOUNG Grandmother-in-law 1832
William TULEY Grandfather-in-law Mercer County, Kentucky ABT 1810 bef 1860
Rebecca OSKINS Grandmother-in-law Kentucky ABT 1812 1875
Great grandparents-in-law
John TULEY Great grandfather-in-law 1783 BEF 12 May 1834
John OSKINS Great grandfather-in-law Kentucky ABT 1786 1821
Rachel STEPHENS Great grandmother-in-law Montgomery County, North Carolina BET 1785 AND 1787 Spencer County, Indiana
Abigail WELLS Great grandmother-in-law New Geneva, Fayette County, Pennsylvania abt 1795 1812
Second great grandparents-in-law
David WELLS Second great grandfather-in-law Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania 1764 1833
Mary Ann CAIN Second great grandmother-in-law 1770 1850
Third great grandparents-in-law
William WELLS Jr. Third great grandfather-in-law New Britain Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1722 Smithfield, Fayette County, Pennsylvania 12 Mar 1798
Rebecca OLIVER Third great grandmother-in-law New Geneva, Fayette County, Pennsylvania 04 Jun 1735 Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio 24 Sep 1799
Private Richard CAIN Third great grandfather-in-law Monongalia, Marion County, (West) Virginia 1747 Monongalia Church, Marion County, (West) Virginia 1812
Janet LEESER Third great grandmother-in-law Monongalia Church, Marion County, (West) Virginia 1748 Monongalia Church, Marion County, (West) Virginia 1830
Fourth great grandparents-in-law
Allen OLIVER Fourth great grandfather-in-law 1710 Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio 1797
Walter CAIN Fourth great grandfather-in-law 1725 1792
Mary Ann HULL Fourth great grandmother-in-law 1731 1802