Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
Levi BEACH Charles T. BEACH

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Levi BEACH Partner or husband
Charles T. BEACH Son Harwinton, Litchfield County, Connecticut 22 Jun 1821 Augusta Cemetery, Pike County, Indiana 17 Dec 1898
Sylvester BEACH Grandson 07 Jun 1863 26 Sep 1902
Clara BEACH Granddaughter 1865
Arizona BEACH Granddaughter 30 Nov 1867 1939
James W. BEACH Grandson 1869
Stella BEACH Granddaughter 1872
Eva BEACH Granddaughter 1875
Great grandchildren
Geneva THOMAS Great granddaughter
Lillian THOMAS Great granddaughter
Cecil Byrson THOMAS Great grandson 1892
Cassel F. THOMAS Great grandson 29 Jun 1893
Grannis THOMAS Great grandson 1904
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Emily Jane WOOLSEY Daughter-in-law 06 Nov 1841 Augusta Cemetery, Pike County, Indiana 29 Mar 1916