Person Chart

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1710 Swanquarter, Hyde County, North Carolina
Marriage 1744 Swanquarter, Hyde County, North Carolina
Place of Residence Hyde County, North Carolina
Death AFT 1786

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Miss JORDAN Wife Hyde County, North Carolina ABT 1712 Hyde County, North Carolina BEF 1774
Jacob TULEY Jr Son ABT 1730
Charity TULEY Daughter Accomack County, Virginia ABT 1740
Margaret TULEY Daughter Hyde County, North Carolina ABT 1755
Ann TULEY Daughter aft 1765
Henry TULEY Son aft 1765 AFT 1786
Millicent TULEY Daughter aft 1765
Melissa TULEY Granddaughter 1754 Hyde County, North Carolina 06 Oct 1819
Anne TULEY Granddaughter ABT 1765
Charity TULEY Granddaughter ABT 1765
Henry TULEY Grandson ABT 1765
Jacob TULEY III Grandson ABT 1765
Margret TULEY Granddaughter ABT 1765
Ormond TULEY Grandson ABT 1765 1835
Great grandchildren
Cassandra GIBBS Great granddaughter 1782
Precilla EASTER Great grandson Hyde County, North Carolina 27 Apr 1787
Second grandchildren
Belinda HARRIS Second granddaughter
John H. JORDAN Father-in-law BEF 01 Sep 1774
Margaret Mother-in-law 1700 BEF 01 Sep 1774
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Priscilla GIBBS Daughter-in-law ABT 1732
Beverly REW Son-in-law BEF 1745 AFT 1783
William GIBBS Jr Grandson-in-law Hyde County, North Carolina 27 Oct 1754 Hyde County, North Carolina 17 Nov 1812


Head of Tuley line.
Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789
Tuley, Henry State : NC
County : Hyde Co.
Location : Smiths District
Year : 1786
Page # : 001
Census type code : State Census
I found out the following on Henry Tuley (also spelled Tule, Tuly, Tooley).
In Hyde Co., NC Deed Book B, pages 202-203, dated 1770, Jacob Tuley
deeded slaves to his minor children Henry, Millicent and Ann; in the
event they died without issue, the slaves would go to the older
children: Margaret, Charity and Jacob (Jr.).
Henry Tuley was married to Lydia (?). Jacob was married to Priscilla
Gibbs, one of the daughters of Joseph Gibbs, Sr., son of Henry & Anne
However, there was also a John Tuley who was a contemporary of Jacob
Tuley, possibly a brother of Jacob, who may also have had a son named