Ella Gertrude LONG

Person Chart

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 13 Dec 1886
Marriage 04 Nov 1908 De Soto, Jefferson County, Missouri
Place of Residence 01 Apr 1935 Missouri
Census 1940 Teague, Freestone County, Texas
Death 04 Dec 1968 Teague, Freestone County, Texas
Burial 1968 Greenwood Cemetery, Teague, Freestone County, Texas

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Raleigh Robert TULEY Sr. Husband Gentryville, Spencer County, Indiana 26 Jan 1878 Teague, Freestone County, Texas 1959
Clarence J. TULEY Son Indiana Jun 1884
Raleigh Robert TULEY Jr. Son Missouri 02 Aug 1909 Taylor County, Texas 04 Mar 1993
Walter Thomas TULEY Son Teague, Freestone County, Texas 01 Jan 1913 Freestone County, Texas 19 Nov 1971
David TULEY Son abt 1915
Emma Gertrude TULEY Daughter Teague, Freestone County, Texas 29 May 1921 22 Sep 2014
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Robert Raleigh TULEY Grandson Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas 10 Oct 1940 Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas 01 Nov 2016
Great grandchildren
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Robert Joel TULEY Father-in-law Gentryville, Spencer County, Indiana 08 Jan 1856 Houston, Harris County, Texas 15 Mar 1922
Martha J. KERR Mother-in-law Eureka Township, Spencer County, Indiana 17 Jun 1856 Teague, Freestone County, Texas 05 Nov 1933
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Elsie Florence TULEY Sister-in-law Spencer County, Indiana 22 Jul 1881 Spencer County, Indiana 07 Nov 1881
Clarence John TULEY Brother-in-law Spencer County, Indiana 23 Jun 1884 Houston, Harris County, Texas 04 Jul 1939
Virgil James TULEY Brother-in-law Gentryville, Spencer County, Indiana 18 Mar 1887 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia 22 Sep 1944
Delbert Samuel TULEY Brother-in-law Indiana 18 Jul 1891
Nephews & Nieces
Helen Thelma TULEY Niece-in-law Poplar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri 24 Jun 1909 Houston, Harris County, Texas 19 Jun 1983
ADC Chester Arthur TULEY Nephew-in-law 08 Jul 1911 05 Feb 1985
Lt Commander Virgil Cecil TULEY Nephew-in-law Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana 30 Nov 1914 San Diego, San Diego County, California 20 Dec 1995
Corporal Melvin Oscar TULEY Nephew-in-law Houston, Harris County, Texas 29 Aug 1917 China 19 Dec 1941
Jane Evans TULEY Niece-in-law 19 Jul 1919 02 Apr 1965
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TSgt Warren Delbert TULEY Nephew-in-law Harris County, Texas 24 Oct 1924 19 Dec 2010
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
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John M. TULEY Grandfather-in-law Daviess County, Kentucky 27 Feb 1816 Jackson Township, Spencer County, Indiana 21 Feb 1899
Zeporah Beth AGAN Grandmother-in-law Orange County, Indiana 11 Dec 1827 09 Mar 1900
Great grandparents-in-law
John TULEY Great grandfather-in-law 1783 BEF 12 May 1834
Rachel STEPHENS Great grandmother-in-law Montgomery County, North Carolina BET 1785 AND 1787 Spencer County, Indiana
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