Elizabeth FLOYD

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Married Name TULEY


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Colonel William FLOYD ABT 1720 Abadiah DAVIS ABT 1723

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth ABT 1749 Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia
Marriage ABT 1769 Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia
Death 1833 Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Captain Charles Floyd TULEY Husband Farquier County, Virginia ABT 1747 Jefferson County, Kentucky ABT 1787
Brothers & Sisters
Sarah "Sallie" FLOYD Sister Albemarle County, Virginia 15 Oct 1747
Colonel John FLOYD Brother 1751
Robert Clark FLOYD Brother Amherst County, Virginia 1752 1807
Nathaniel FLOYD Brother Amherst County, Virginia 02 Nov 1767 Floyd's Fork, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 1842
John TULEY Son Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia 1765
Charles Preston TULEY Son Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia ABT 1771 Springville (Historical), Clark County, Indiana 1802
Lieutenant William Floyd TULEY Son Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia 1773 1818
Sarah TULEY Daughter Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia 1774 Newbern, Jersey County, Illinois 1842
Wyatt Preston TULEY Son Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia 1776 1827
Mary TULEY Daughter Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia 1777
Robert TULEY Son Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia ABT 1778 1779
Jane TULEY Daughter Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia ABT 1779
Colonel William FLOYD Father Accomack County, Virginia ABT 1720 Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia ABT 1789
Abadiah DAVIS Mother ABT 1723
Mary "Polly" TULEY Granddaughter
Sarah TULEY Granddaughter Great Yarmouth District, Norfolk County, Virginia 1791
Henry LURTON Grandson ABT 1795
Enos TULEY Grandson Jefferson, Clark County, Indiana 29 Feb 1796 19 Feb 1855
Elizabeth LURTON Granddaughter ABT 1797
America LURTON Granddaughter ABT 1799
Courtney Melmouth TULEY Grandson 1799 1831
Colonel Preston Floyd TULEY Grandson Springville (Historical), Clark County, Indiana Jan 1800 24 Mar 1851
Margaret S. TULEY Granddaughter New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 1801
John L. TULEY Grandson BEF 1802
John Wesley TULEY Grandson Springville (Historical), Clark County, Indiana 1802 San Francisco, San Francisco County, California 18 Mar 1856
Dr. Charles Strother TULEY Grandson New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 1803 1844
(Infant Son) TULEY Grandson Springville (Historical), Clark County, Indiana BEF 1804
Benjamin S. TULEY Grandson 1804 1843
Jacob LURTON Jr. Grandson 11 Nov 1805 Jersey County, Illinois 1896
Milo Davis TULEY Grandson Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky 10 Jan 1806 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 10 Sep 1852
Dr. Turner R. LURTON Grandson ABT 1807 New Orleans, Orleans County, Louisiana 1870
Victor Monroe TULEY Grandson Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky 31 Dec 1807 Independence, Jackson County, Missouri 1888
Charlton LURTON Grandson ABT 1809
Cynthia TULEY Granddaughter 1809 Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky 1817
Wiliam Floyd TULEY Grandson 1809 02 Jun 1818
Caroline LURTON Granddaughter ABT 1811
Elizabeth TULEY Granddaughter 1811
Helen Maria TULEY Granddaughter Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky 1811 1869
Charles Volney TULEY Grandson Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky 1812 1863
Emaline LURTON Granddaughter ABT 1813
Julia Ann TULEY Granddaughter Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky 1813 1892
Dr. George R. C. TULEY Grandson Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky 1815 1864
Mary Jane TULEY Granddaughter 1817 Texas 1849
Julia Ann TULEY Granddaughter 1820 1869
Great grandchildren
Anna STRAIN Great granddaughter
Bemjamin MINOR Great grandson
Benjamin Strother WICKS Great grandson
Caroline Julia WICKS Great granddaughter
Charles Floyd LURTON Great grandson
Charles MINOR Great grandson 1874
Charles Paxson TULEY Great grandson 1877
Charles Platt WICKS Great grandson
Humphrey LURTON Great grandson
James Walter LURTON Great grandson
Joseph LURTON Great grandson
Julia STRAIN Great granddaughter
Lemuel WILKINS Great grandson
Lucetta B. TULEY Great granddaughter
Margaret LURTON Great granddaughter
Mary E. LURTON Great granddaughter
Mary Elizabeth WICKS Great granddaughter
Mary MINOR Great granddaughter
Minnie MINOR Great granddaughter
Priscilla WICKS Great granddaughter
Raymond Lewis WICKS Great grandson
Robert Hildred MINOR Great grandson
William Stewart MINOR Great grandson 1863
Zerelda MINOR Great granddaughter
Virginia TULEY Great granddaughter 1825
Colonel William Woodruff TULEY Great grandson 23 Nov 1825 25 Jul 1902
George Washington TULEY Great grandson Floyd County, Indiana 26 Feb 1827 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 25 Oct 1910
John W. TULEY Great grandson Indiana 1827
Judge Murray Floyd TULEY Great grandson Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 1827 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 25 Dec 1905
Edward Preston TULEY Great grandson Bullitt County, Kentucky 11 Feb 1829 17 Jan 1889
Sallie W. TULEY Great granddaughter New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 1829 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 23 Mar 1861
Charles Preston TULEY Great grandson 1830 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana 1899
Isadore TULEY Great granddaughter ABT 1830
Nelson M. LURTON Great grandson ABT 1830
Theodore TULEY Great grandson ABT 1830 1901
Mary E. TULEY Great granddaughter 1831 1853
Milton B. TULEY Great grandson 1831 1867
Benjamin Franklyn TULEY Great grandson 1833 1884
Henry J. TULEY Great grandson 1833 1845
Lydia Ann TULEY Great granddaughter 1833 1859
Twins Not Named TULEY Great grandson BEF 1834
Strother Ben TULEY Great grandson 15 Jan 1835 Rockville, Parke County, Indiana 04 Nov 1837
Francis Marion TULEY Great grandson Albany, Delaware County, Indiana FEB 1835 El Paso, El Paso County, Texas ABT 1930
Enos Seth TULEY Great grandson Indiana 25 Mar 1836 Jefferson County, Kentucky 15 Jul 1901
William Floyd TULEY Great grandson 1836 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 04 Oct 1914
Priscilla Buckner TULEY Great granddaughter 1837 1872
Elenor Margaret TULEY Great granddaughter 02 Jun 1838 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 17 Jun 1868
Mary C. TULEY Great granddaughter 1838 1857
Strother B. TULEY 2nd Great grandson 1838 abt 1838
Wyatt Walcot "Pixley" TULEY Great grandson Albany, Delaware County, Indiana 1838 Missouri City, Clay County, Missouri 1905
Arabella J. TULEY Great granddaughter 25 Feb 1840 20 Oct 1841
Laura Jane TULEY Great granddaughter BEF 1840
Henry I. TULEY Great grandson 1841 03 Aug 1863
Marion A. TULEY Great granddaughter 08 Nov 1841 20 Jun 1877
Mary Elizabeth TULEY Great granddaughter BEF 1842
Captain Seth Woodruff TULEY Great grandson Indiana 03 Jul 1842 Washington, District of Columbia 13 Oct 1921
Amelia C. LURTON Great granddaughter Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky About 1843
Robert S. TULEY Great grandson 1843 09 Jan 1853
Wyatt W. WICKS Great grandson New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 14 Jul 1843
Eudora Jane TULEY Great granddaughter New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 29 Nov 1843 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana Jan 1846
Albert L. TULEY Great grandson 1844 1870
Thomas Jefferson TULEY Great grandson 1844
Walter Woodbury TULEY Great grandson 20 Oct 1845 25 Feb 1864
Nancy Isabell TULEY Great granddaughter 1846
Charles Volney TULEY Great grandson Indiana 17 Sep 1847 Clay County, Missouri 22 Oct 1858
Charles Milo TULEY Great grandson 14 Feb 1849 17 Sep 1875
Elizabeth J. TULEY Great granddaughter New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 22 Dec 1849 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 10 Jun 1851
Thomas Benton TULEY Great grandson 1851 1890
Milo D. TULEY Great grandson New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 10 Oct 1851 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 20 Apr 1852
George Floyd TULEY Great grandson Missouri Dec 1855
Second grandchildren
Alice TULEY Second granddaughter
Arthur SHELPER Second grandson
Blanche M. WICKS Second granddaughter
Caroline N. BRODIX Second granddaughter
Charles Herman MINOR Second grandson
Charles M. ALLEN Second grandson
Charles Raymond BRODIX Second grandson
Charles Tuley SEDGWICK Second grandson
Clarence B. HAMMOND Second grandson
David Thomas WEBB Second grandson
Dora HOLLAND Second granddaughter
Edith TULEY Second granddaughter
Edward TULEY Second grandson
Effie May PROCTER Second granddaughter
Eva SHELPER Second granddaughter
Franklin T. BRODIX Second grandson
George F. TULEY Second grandson
Grace WICKS Second granddaughter
Hattie MINOR Second granddaughter
Helen E. ALLEN Second granddaughter
Ida TULEY Second granddaughter
Irene HOLLAND Second granddaughter
James Walter LURTON Jr. Second grandson
Joseph Bertram WEBB Second grandson
Julia Tuley ALLEN Second granddaughter
Julia WOLFE Second granddaughter
Kate HOLLAND Second granddaughter
Lewis W. ALLEN Second grandson
Lillian HAMMOND Second granddaughter
Lorena ROBINSON Second granddaughter
Lottie R. TULEY Second granddaughter
LURTON Second granddaughter
LURTON Second grandson
Mabel SHELPER Second granddaughter
Mabelle FUGIT Second granddaughter
Mary Elizabeth BRODIX Second granddaughter
Mary Grace FUGIT Second granddaughter
Mary MINOR Second granddaughter
Mary TULEY Second granddaughter
Mary TULEY Second granddaughter
Mollie PROCTER Second granddaughter
Nellie TULEY Second granddaughter 1903
Robert Mcculloch MINOR Second grandson
Rose Duncan SEDGWICK Second granddaughter
Thomas D. SEDGWICK Jr. Second grandson
Thomas Woodruff TULEY Second grandson
Victor Charles PROCTER Second grandson
William Howard MINOR Second grandson
George Washington TULEY Second grandson aft 1853 1863
Preston Floyd TULEY Second grandson 1855 1889
Lillian M. TULEY Second granddaughter Uniontown, Union County, Kentucky 07 Apr 1857 Denver, Denver County, Colorado, United States 23 Aug 1937
Ann Mary TULEY Second granddaughter 1857
William Addison TULEY Second grandson 1857
William Preston TULEY Second grandson Bullitt County, Kentucky 1858 1918
Floyd Tuley GWIN Second grandson 1859
Ella Lydia TULEY Second granddaughter 1860
Sallie Anna TULEY Second granddaughter New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 22 Oct 1860 Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky 03 Sep 1934
Frank GWIN Second grandson 1861 1918
Milo GWIN Second grandson 1863 1869
Walter Floyd TULEY Second grandson New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 24 Jul 1864 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 27 Sep 1948
Rose Julia TULEY Second granddaughter 1865
Emily GWIN Second granddaughter 1866
John Lawrence WEBB Second grandson abt 1867
Mary Joline WEBB Second granddaughter abt 1867
Rowan Boone TULEY Second grandson 1867
Charles Edward TULEY Second grandson Indiana 21 Nov 1867 West Frankfort, Franklin County, Illinois 13 Aug 1933
Philip Speed TULEY Second grandson Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 26 Jan 1868 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 22 Jun 1943
Fanny TULEY Second granddaughter 1869
Ida Force WEBB Second granddaughter abt 1869 Manhattan, New York County, New York 22 Mar 1927
Lelia Lena TULEY Second granddaughter 1869
Dr. Henry Enos TULEY Second grandson 11 Jan 1870 Jefferson County, Kentucky 21 Oct 1923
Edith Anita WEBB Second granddaughter Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky abt 1870
Jesse Jones TULEY Second grandson Uniontown, Union County, Kentucky Jan 1871 Saint Louis, City of Saint Louis, Missouri 19 Sep 1950
Blanche Charlotte TULEY Second granddaughter New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 1871 02 Oct 1894
Elizabeth B. MCRAE Second granddaughter 1871
Eugene Victor TULEY Second grandson ABT 1871 1873
Walter A. TULEY Second grandson Mississippi 1872
Lorenzo TULEY Second grandson Mississippi abt 1873
Harriet W. TULEY Second granddaughter Silver Hills, Floyd County, Indiana 22 Jan 1874
Elisha Warfield WEBB Second grandson Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky abt 1874 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 05 Jul 1952
Jessie Frances TULEY Second granddaughter 1874
William Lamar TULEY Second grandson 1874 El Paso, El Paso County, Texas BEF 1943
Thomas Speed TULEY Second grandson 03 Jan 1876 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 13 Feb 1927
Eugenia Badger WEBB Second granddaughter abt 1876
George Clement TULEY Second grandson 1876
May Belle TULEY Second granddaughter 1876 1876
Mary Eliza TULEY Second granddaughter Jefferson County, Kentucky Oct 1877 Jefferson County, Kentucky 20 Feb 1879
William Nehemiah WEBB Jr. Second grandson 10 Nov 1877
Manley Tellow WEBB Second grandson abt 1880
Mary Agnes TULEY Second granddaughter 1880
Floyd Taylor TULEY Second grandson Missouri 09 Sep 1880
Lawrence Knepfly TULEY Second grandson abt 1881
Mary Magdaline TULEY Second granddaughter 1881
William Seldon TULEY Second grandson Parsons, Labette County, Kansas 12 Apr 1882 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri 10 Apr 1935
John Powell TULEY Second grandson Dallas, Dallas County, Texas 27 Apr 1882 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 14 Oct 1944
Stella Deloma TULEY Second granddaughter Missouri City, Clay County, Missouri 23 Sep 1882 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona 01 Aug 1964
Anna Myrtle TULEY Second granddaughter 1883
Grace TULEY Second granddaughter 1884 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas 1904
Ernest Victor TULEY Second grandson Jan 1885
Benjamin TULEY Second grandson 1885
Emma Keats TULEY Second granddaughter Jefferson County, Kentucky 1885 Jefferson County, Kentucky 27 May 1888
Ella Leach TULEY Second granddaughter 1887
Joseph TULEY Second grandson ABT 1900
Murray F. TULEY Second grandson ABT 1909
Harold Raymond TULEY Second grandson ABT 1910
Third grandchildren
Agnes H. GWIN Third granddaughter
Alfred B. SIMMONS Third grandson
Alice C. TULEY Third granddaughter
Alice Lurton ROBINSON Third granddaughter
Benjamin D. TULEY Third grandson
Benny PHILLIPS Third grandson
Carlton EGAN Third grandson
Caroline Ethel SIMMONS Third granddaughter
Charles R. BRODIX Third grandson
Charles R. MINOR Third grandson
Dorothy CUNNINGHAM Third granddaughter
Earl FRIEND Third grandson
Edith R. TULEY Third granddaughter
Edwin D. TULEY Third grandson
Edwin James SIMMONS Third grandson
Elizabeth GWIN Third granddaughter
Ella May PROCTER Third granddaughter
Esther E. TULEY Third granddaughter
Ethel Lee ROBINSON Third granddaughter
Floyd EGAN Third grandson
Floyd Mcgill ROBINSON Third grandson
Frances KELSO Third granddaughter
Francis Tuley SCOTT Third grandson
Frank EGAN Third grandson
Frank L. GWIN Third grandson
Frank R. TULEY Third grandson
G. W. CARBEE Jr. Third grandson
Georgia PHILLIPS Third granddaughter
Harry Brodix SIMMONS Third grandson
Humphry Sowle MINOR Third grandson
Isaac FRIEND Third grandson
James Malcom POSEY Third grandson
Jean KELSO Third granddaughter
John Hillaird MINOR Third grandson
John Weedman BRODIX Third grandson
Josephine BRODIX Third granddaughter
June PHILLIPS Third granddaughter
Living TULEY Third granddaughter
Marcia CARBEE Third granddaughter BEF 1906
Martha Elanor HOPKINS Third granddaughter
Mary FRIEND Third granddaughter
Mercedes BRODIX Third granddaughter
Nelson WEBB Third grandson
Paul A. TULEY Third grandson
Philip Speed TULEY Jr. Third grandson
Richard B. SIMMONS Third grandson
Richard KELSO Third grandson
Robert KELSO Third grandson
Russell Minor KELSO Third grandson
Thomas BRODIX Third grandson
Thomas Woodruff TULEY Jr. Third grandson
Thomas Wyatt SIMMONS Third grandson
Tuley PHILLIPS Third grandson
Warfield WEBB Third grandson
Julia Irma HILL Third granddaughter 1881 Nov 1883
Edith Fay TULEY Third granddaughter 1885 1886
Baldwin CLEMENTS Third grandson 1886
Lucy TULEY Third granddaughter 1887
Edward Tuley CLEMENTS Sr. Third grandson 07 Feb 1888 15 Jul 1961
Matthew S. TULEY Third grandson 1888
Lillian CLEMENTS Third granddaughter 1889
Lillian HILL Third granddaughter 1889
Mildred May HILL Third granddaughter Springfield, Greene County, Missouri 06 Nov 1889 Carbondale, Jackson County, Illinois Feb 1980
Margaret Floyd CURRIE Third granddaughter 1890
Edward Clinton HILL Third grandson 1892 Sep 1979
Lucy CLEMENTS Third granddaughter 1892
Clarence CLEMENTS Third grandson 1894
Harry Sherman CURRIE Third grandson 1894
Marion WHYTE Third granddaughter 1894
George Earl CURRIE Third grandson 1896
Sedgwick BRUCKER Third grandson 1896
Earl Chester CLEMENTS Third grandson Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky 22 Oct 1896 12 Mar 1985
Edward Preston TULEY Third grandson New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 14 Mar 1897 Independence, Jackson County, Missouri Sep 1970
Charles Brown TULEY Third grandson 1897
Frances TULEY Third grandson 1897
PFC Homer Atwood TULEY Third grandson Dallas, Dallas County, Texas Sep 1897
Floyd Tuley CURRIE Third grandson 1898
Beatrice WHYTE Third granddaughter 1899
Karl MARTIN Third grandson 1899
Mary Speed TULEY Third granddaughter 1901
Mary E. TULEY Third granddaughter Carmi, White County, Illinois FEB 1902 1971
Elizabeth Floyd TULEY Third granddaughter 1903
Priscilla SEDGWICK Third granddaughter 1904
William Robert TULEY Third grandson Carmi, White County, Illinois 05 Nov 1904 Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida 22 Sep 1987
Georgia Lee PHILLIPS Third granddaughter Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri 26 Jun 1906 Madera, Madera County, California 23 Sep 2001
Elizabeth WHYTE Third granddaughter 1906
PVT Murray Floyd TULEY Third grandson New Haven, Gallatin County, Illinois 29 Jul 1907 10 Aug 1964
Pearl TULEY Third granddaughter Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 21 Dec 1907 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon ABT 1910
Mirian TULEY Third granddaughter Justice Precinct 7, Dallas County, Texas 1908
George Lee TULEY Third grandson Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 06 Feb 1909 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 30 Jul 1994
Marie Adelaide TULEY Third granddaughter Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 23 Feb 1910 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 09 Jun 1981
Byron TULEY Third grandson Missouri abt 1911
Walter Tuley PHILLIPS Third grandson Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri 02 Jun 1914 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona 27 Jul 1983
Frances F. TULEY Third granddaughter Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 14 Jul 1914 27 Oct 2009
Grace Patrick TULEY Third granddaughter La Mesa, San Diego County, California 03 Jan 1915 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 15 Apr 1988
George TULEY Third grandson Texas abt 1916
Major James George TULEY Third grandson Missouri 11 Sep 1916 Shawnee Mission, Johnson County, Kansas 01 Jul 1996
Deloma Jane PHILLIPS Third granddaughter Interurban Heights, Clay County, Missouri 02 Dec 1917 Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona 21 Mar 2000
Thomas Speed TULEY Jr. Third grandson Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 09 Apr 1919 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 22 Aug 2013
Edward TULEY
Lawrence K. TULEY
Charles Richard TULEY Third grandson Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas 30 Nov 1923 Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas
Benjamin Thomas PHILLIPS Third grandson Glenaire, Clay County, Missouri 10 Jun 1925 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri 30 Mar 1947
Elizabeth TULEY
Fourth grandchildren
Mary Lee PHILLIPS Fourth granddaughter
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Charlotte TULEY Fourth granddaughter Fayette County, Kentucky 24 May 1950 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 05 Dec 2015
Fifth grandchildren
Gina Renee SOOTER Fifth granddaughter
Jenny Anne SOOTER Fifth granddaughter
Michall HARRIS Grandmother Henrico County, Virginia 1672 Virginia
Nathaniel Robert DAVIS Grandfather Barbados abt 1676 Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi 1771
John FLOYD Jr. Grandfather Hog Island, Northampton County, Virginia abt 1678
Abidiah LEWIS Grandmother Barbados about 1680
Great grandparents
Mary Elizabeth HUGHES Great grandmother England, United Kingdom 1654
Nathaniel Ambrose DAVIS Great grandfather Devon, Devon, England, United Kingdom 17 Apr 1655 Hanover County, Virginia 1743
Second great grandparents
Barnabas DAVIS Second great grandfather Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England 1599 Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 28 Nov 1685
Patience JAMES Second great grandmother Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 20 Oct 1603 Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 15 Nov 1690
Arthur TULEY Father-in-law Albemarle County, Virginia ABT 1721 Albemarle County, Virginia 1754
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Hulda WEST Daughter-in-law
Jane WARNER Daughter-in-law
Reverend Jacob Perry LURTON Son-in-law England, United Kingdom ABT 1765 Piasa Township, Jersey County, Illinois 1827
Abediah DAVIS Daughter-in-law Lincoln County, Kentucky 1766 1825
Benjamin CHAMBERS Son-in-law ABT 1770
Elizabeth MURRAY Daughter-in-law Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 1773
Jane BELL Daughter-in-law Kentucky 1776 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana June 1847
Mildred STROTHER Daughter-in-law Culpeper, Culpeper County, Virginia 1780 1820
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
BURWELL Sister-in-law abt 1770
Jane BUCHANNEN Sister-in-law
Lillian PARKER Sister-in-law Henry County, Virginia 1745 Virginia 1802
Walt POWELL Brother-in-law Amherst County, Virginia 1745 1818
Hannah TULEY Sister-in-law ABT 1770
Nephews & Nieces
Major George Rogers Clark FLOYD Nephew
William Preston FLOYD Nephew
Richard POWELL Nephew Amherst County, Virginia 1768 Lynchburg, City of Lynchburg, Virginia 1814
Mourning FLOYD Nephew abt 1770
Rhoda POWELL Niece Amherst County, Virginia 1773
Davis FLOYD Nephew Virginia 1774 Leon County, Florida 12 Dec 1831
Mary Lee FLOYD Niece Virginia 1778 Mississippi ABT 1874
Sarah Wyatt POWELL Niece Amherst County, Virginia 1780 Amherst County, Virginia 1852
Sgt. Charles FLOYD Nephew Kentucky 1780 Floyd's Bluff, Louisiana Purchase 1804
Sarah Powell FLOYD Niece 1791 Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania 21 Mar 1867
Frances FLOYD Niece Orange, Orange County, Virginia 1809
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Charles E. BEELER Grandnephew ABT 1815
Caroline E. BEELER Grandniece 1820 1904
Mary Agnes WALTON Grandniece Adams County, Mississippi 1820 Minnesota 15 Aug 1891
John Floyd WALTON Grandnephew Adams County, Mississippi 1827
Elizabeth Parke WALTON Grandniece Wilton, Adams County, Mississippi 09 Mar 1828 30 Sep 1895
Alexander Young WALTON Grandnephew Adams, Hinds County, Mississippi 1833 13 Nov 1890
John TULEY Grandfather-in-law Virginia ABT 1685 Albemarle County, Virginia 06 May 1750
Sarah NEW Grandmother-in-law Charles City, Charles City, Virginia 1693 AFT 08 May 1750
Great grandparents-in-law
Edmund NEW Great grandfather-in-law James City, James City, Virginia ABT 1655 Henrico County, Virginia 08 Aug 1726
Mary WHELLAN Great grandmother-in-law Charles City, Charles City County, Virginia ABT 1659 Tuckahoe, Henrico County, Virginia 1751
Second great grandparents-in-law
Agnes BARRETT Second great grandmother-in-law England, United Kingdom ABT 1630
Richard NEW Second great grandfather-in-law Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom ABT 1630 Charles City, Charles City, Virginia AFT 1681
Alexander W. (Morgan) CAMPBELL Grandson-in-law
Allen E. TAYLOR Grandson-in-law
Ann MOSLEY Granddaughter-in-law
Charles R. MINOR Grandson-in-law
David T. STRAIN Grandson-in-law
Hannah Mary HOLLOWELL Granddaughter-in-law
Nathaniel R. WICKS Grandson-in-law
Priscilla Pendleton BUCKNER Granddaughter-in-law Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
William BROWN Grandson-in-law
Susan ADAMS Granddaughter-in-law 02 Oct 1797 30 Nov 1886
James CROOK Grandson-in-law 1803 1870
Mary Crane WOODRUFF Granddaughter-in-law New Jersey 03 Jul 1803 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 28 Aug 1872
Phoebe Haines WOODRUFF Granddaughter-in-law New Jersey 09 Jul 1809 20 Feb 1872
Mary Jane FLICKNER Granddaughter-in-law 1813 Independence, Jackson County, Missouri 1892
Elizabeth BETTERTON Granddaughter-in-law Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland 25 Sep 1815 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 23 Jan 1884
Great grandchildren-in-law
Ada Worley MASON Great granddaughter-in-law
Catherine EDMONSON Great granddaughter-in-law Missouri
Catherine S. EVANS Great granddaughter-in-law 1870
Colonel Thomas D. SEDGWICK Great grandson-in-law ABT 1896
Elizabeth Shafer SUTTON Great granddaughter-in-law
Esther W. SHERRER Great granddaughter-in-law 1878
Frances May HORR Great granddaughter-in-law
Frank B. FINDLEY Great grandson-in-law ABT 1856
Harriet E. COMPTON Great granddaughter-in-law 1877
James H. HAMMOND Great grandson-in-law
L. W. ALLEN Great grandson-in-law
Mary T. MCCREA Great granddaughter-in-law
Sallie MCFETEREDGE Great granddaughter-in-law 1905
William THOMAS Great grandson-in-law
Elbridge Gorham TUFTS Great grandson-in-law Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 01 Oct 1816 Monroe, Jasper County, Iowa 05 May 1866
Jordan S. MCRAE Great grandson-in-law 12 Dec 1827 20 Jul 1887
Mary H. ANDERSON Great granddaughter-in-law Kentucky abt 1832
Julia Margaret ORME Great granddaughter-in-law Bullitt County, Kentucky 15 Jun 1833 15 Mar 1871
Martha Jane ARMSTRONG Great granddaughter-in-law 06 Aug 1833 25 Nov 1872
Josiah GWIN Great grandson-in-law Lanesville, Harrison County, Indiana 28 Jan 1834 1901
Charlotte RIDDLE Great granddaughter-in-law 14 Apr 1838 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 20 May 1902
Mary Gertrude KNEPFLY Great granddaughter-in-law New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana May 1842 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 28 Mar 1928
Nathalie PETERS Great granddaughter-in-law Kentucky 1842 13 Oct 1921
William Nehemiah WEBB Great grandson-in-law abt 1844
Marcella Georgianna STEWART Great granddaughter-in-law 1845 1876
Margaret RUSH Great granddaughter-in-law 1850 1883
Lena Alice Great granddaughter-in-law 03 Nov 1852 02 Aug 1925
Lee Hence SAXON Great granddaughter-in-law Grenada, Grenada County, Mississippi 14 Jan 1856 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 24 Aug 1940
Anna TITER Great granddaughter-in-law Clark County, Ohio 22 Feb 1864
Cora Lee RONE Great granddaughter-in-law Caldwell County, Missouri 27 Mar 1865 Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas 05 Oct 1924
Second grandchildren-in-law
Albert V. FERRIS Second grandson-in-law
Alva I. WELLS Second grandson-in-law
Augusta Leonore HERMICHAEL Second granddaughter-in-law Mississippi 1904
BRUCKER Second grandson-in-law Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
Carolyn Olive SNEDEKER Second granddaughter-in-law
Charles Earl CURRIE Second grandson-in-law
Charles H. RILEY Second grandson-in-law
Elizabeth BECKWINNER Second granddaughter-in-law
Frank H. SCOTT Second grandson-in-law Massachusetts
Frederick M. WHYTE Second grandson-in-law Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland
G. W. CARBEE Second grandson-in-law
GROSSTETE Second grandson-in-law
Henry T. SIMMONS Second grandson-in-law
Jesphine Mary HORNBY Second granddaughter-in-law
Marcia CARBEE Second granddaughter-in-law Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
Martha HETH Second granddaughter-in-law
Mary Virginia MILLER Second granddaughter-in-law Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas
Michael THORNTON Second grandson-in-law
Tobitha B. BULTER Second granddaughter-in-law
William MAXWELL Second grandson-in-law
William REYNOLDS Second grandson-in-law
John A. EVERBACH Second grandson-in-law Stavenhagen, Mecklenburg, Germany 06 Oct 1840
Judge Aaron Waller CLEMENTS Second grandson-in-law Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky 08 Mar 1852 Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky 19 Feb 1925
Charles Clinton HILL Second grandson-in-law 1857 Dec 1905
Ella S. LOGAN Second granddaughter-in-law 1860 1896
Ethel Northrup Brown ENGLEBACH Second granddaughter-in-law East Hampton, Middlesex County, Connecticut 01 Oct 1866 20 Nov 1947
Claretta RUBY Second granddaughter-in-law Phillipstown, White County, Illinois 20 Jun 1869 Saint Louis, City of Saint Louis, Missouri 22 Dec 1948
Sarah Jane MUSSET Second granddaughter-in-law Grayville, Edwards County, Illinois 1872 1969
Lillian HARRIS Second granddaughter-in-law 1873
Lida SWOPE Second granddaughter-in-law Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky 10 May 1875 Jefferson County, Kentucky 18 Feb 1927
Carrie B. DENNY Second granddaughter-in-law New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana 18 Dec 1877 08 Feb 1913
Walter Benson PHILLIPS Second grandson-in-law Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas 11 Jan 1883 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona 02 Sep 1972
Pearl Elvira PATRICK Second granddaughter-in-law Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 19 Aug 1886 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 23 Jan 1973
Third grandchildren-in-law
Leander ELLIOTT Third grandson-in-law
Margaret Evelyn KAGEY Third granddaughter-in-law
Sara BLUE Third granddaughter-in-law Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky
George Bennett BUTTS Third grandson-in-law 17 Sep 1889 01 Dec 1966
Marie Ida WILLIAMS Third granddaughter-in-law Saint Louis County, Missouri 26 Jun 1897 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri 13 Nov 1932
Leonard Earl BOYD Third grandson-in-law Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts 12 Oct 1906 Fresno, Fresno County, California 17 Oct 1990
Edward LEE Third grandson-in-law The Philippines 04 Jul 1908 Rochester, Thurston County, Washington 21 Nov 1993
Leon Lloyd SMITH Third grandson-in-law Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 01 Nov 1909 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 31 Jul 1982
William Edward HEIB Sr Third grandson-in-law Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio 12 May 1913 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona 14 Jul 1998
Charlie Zemri FALLS Third grandson-in-law Township No 10, Cleveland County, North Carolina 03 Jan 1915 Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona 20 Nov 2000
Barbara Mae CHASE Third granddaughter-in-law Colorado May 1926 Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas 24 Jun 2014