Cora Lee RONE

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Married Name TULEY


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Henry Harrison RONE 09 Jan 1840 Eliza Jane CAMPBELL


Partner Date of Birth Children
Wyatt Walcot "Pixley" TULEY 1838 Stella Deloma TULEY

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 27 Mar 1865 Caldwell County, Missouri
Marriage 06 Nov 1881 Ray County, Missouri
Death 05 Oct 1924 Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas
Burial 07 Oct 1924 Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Wyatt Walcot "Pixley" TULEY Husband Albany, Delaware County, Indiana 1838 Missouri City, Clay County, Missouri 1905
Stella Deloma TULEY Daughter Missouri City, Clay County, Missouri 23 Sep 1882 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona 01 Aug 1964
Eliza Jane CAMPBELL Mother
Henry Harrison RONE Father Ray County, Missouri 09 Jan 1840 Polo, Caldwell County, Missouri 21 Mar 1919
Benny PHILLIPS Grandson
Georgia PHILLIPS Granddaughter
June PHILLIPS Granddaughter
Tuley PHILLIPS Grandson
Georgia Lee PHILLIPS Granddaughter Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri 26 Jun 1906 Madera, Madera County, California 23 Sep 2001
Walter Tuley PHILLIPS Grandson Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri 02 Jun 1914 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona 27 Jul 1983
Deloma Jane PHILLIPS Granddaughter Interurban Heights, Clay County, Missouri 02 Dec 1917 Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona 21 Mar 2000
Benjamin Thomas PHILLIPS Grandson Glenaire, Clay County, Missouri 10 Jun 1925 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri 30 Mar 1947
Great grandchildren
Mary Lee PHILLIPS Great granddaughter
Second grandchildren
Gina Renee SOOTER Second granddaughter
Jenny Anne SOOTER Second granddaughter
Victor Monroe TULEY Father-in-law Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky 31 Dec 1807 Independence, Jackson County, Missouri 1888
Mary Jane FLICKNER Mother-in-law 1813 Independence, Jackson County, Missouri 1892
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Walter Benson PHILLIPS Son-in-law Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas 11 Jan 1883 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona 02 Sep 1972
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Twins Not Named TULEY Brother-in-law BEF 1834
Francis Marion TULEY Brother-in-law Albany, Delaware County, Indiana FEB 1835 El Paso, El Paso County, Texas ABT 1930
Laura Jane TULEY Sister-in-law BEF 1840
Mary Elizabeth TULEY Sister-in-law BEF 1842
Nancy Isabell TULEY Sister-in-law 1846
Charles Volney TULEY Brother-in-law Indiana 17 Sep 1847 Clay County, Missouri 22 Oct 1858
Thomas Benton TULEY Brother-in-law 1851 1890
George Floyd TULEY Brother-in-law Missouri Dec 1855
Nephews & Nieces
Effie May PROCTER Niece-in-law
Mollie PROCTER Niece-in-law
Victor Charles PROCTER Nephew-in-law
Lelia Lena TULEY Niece-in-law 1869
Eugene Victor TULEY Nephew-in-law ABT 1871 1873
Walter A. TULEY Nephew-in-law Mississippi 1872
Lorenzo TULEY Nephew-in-law Mississippi abt 1873
Jessie Frances TULEY Niece-in-law 1874
William Lamar TULEY Nephew-in-law 1874 El Paso, El Paso County, Texas BEF 1943
George Clement TULEY Nephew-in-law 1876
May Belle TULEY Niece-in-law 1876 1876
Floyd Taylor TULEY Nephew-in-law Missouri 09 Sep 1880
Mary Magdaline TULEY Niece-in-law 1881
William Seldon TULEY Nephew-in-law Parsons, Labette County, Kansas 12 Apr 1882 Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri 10 Apr 1935
John Powell TULEY Nephew-in-law Dallas, Dallas County, Texas 27 Apr 1882 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 14 Oct 1944
Anna Myrtle TULEY Niece-in-law 1883
Grace TULEY Niece-in-law 1884 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas 1904
Ernest Victor TULEY Nephew-in-law Jan 1885
Ella Leach TULEY Niece-in-law 1887
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Ella May PROCTER Grandniece-in-law
Living TULEY Grandniece-in-law
PFC Homer Atwood TULEY Grandnephew-in-law Dallas, Dallas County, Texas Sep 1897
Pearl TULEY Grandniece-in-law Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 21 Dec 1907 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon ABT 1910
Mirian TULEY Grandniece-in-law Justice Precinct 7, Dallas County, Texas 1908
George Lee TULEY Grandnephew-in-law Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 06 Feb 1909 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 30 Jul 1994
Marie Adelaide TULEY Grandniece-in-law Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 23 Feb 1910 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 09 Jun 1981
Grace Patrick TULEY Grandniece-in-law La Mesa, San Diego County, California 03 Jan 1915 Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon 15 Apr 1988
George TULEY Grandnephew-in-law Texas abt 1916
Major James George TULEY Grandnephew-in-law Missouri 11 Sep 1916 Shawnee Mission, Johnson County, Kansas 01 Jul 1996
Edward TULEY
Charles Richard TULEY Grandnephew-in-law Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas 30 Nov 1923 Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas
Elizabeth TULEY
Lieutenant William Floyd TULEY Grandfather-in-law Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia 1773 1818
Jane BELL Grandmother-in-law Kentucky 1776 New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana June 1847
Great grandparents-in-law
William BELL Great grandfather-in-law
Captain Charles Floyd TULEY Great grandfather-in-law Farquier County, Virginia ABT 1747 Jefferson County, Kentucky ABT 1787
Elizabeth FLOYD Great grandmother-in-law Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia ABT 1749 Middletown, Jefferson County, Kentucky 1833
Second great grandparents-in-law
Colonel William FLOYD Second great grandfather-in-law Accomack County, Virginia ABT 1720 Amherst, Amherst County, Virginia ABT 1789
Arthur TULEY Second great grandfather-in-law Albemarle County, Virginia ABT 1721 Albemarle County, Virginia 1754
Abadiah DAVIS Second great grandmother-in-law ABT 1723
Third great grandparents-in-law
Michall HARRIS Third great grandmother-in-law Henrico County, Virginia 1672 Virginia
Nathaniel Robert DAVIS Third great grandfather-in-law Barbados abt 1676 Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi 1771
John FLOYD Jr. Third great grandfather-in-law Hog Island, Northampton County, Virginia abt 1678
Abidiah LEWIS Third great grandmother-in-law Barbados about 1680
John TULEY Third great grandfather-in-law Virginia ABT 1685 Albemarle County, Virginia 06 May 1750
Sarah NEW Third great grandmother-in-law Charles City, Charles City, Virginia 1693 AFT 08 May 1750
Fourth great grandparents-in-law
Mary Elizabeth HUGHES Fourth great grandmother-in-law England, United Kingdom 1654
Nathaniel Ambrose DAVIS Fourth great grandfather-in-law Devon, Devon, England, United Kingdom 17 Apr 1655 Hanover County, Virginia 1743
Edmund NEW Fourth great grandfather-in-law James City, James City, Virginia ABT 1655 Henrico County, Virginia 08 Aug 1726
Mary WHELLAN Fourth great grandmother-in-law Charles City, Charles City County, Virginia ABT 1659 Tuckahoe, Henrico County, Virginia 1751
Fifth great grandparents-in-law
Barnabas DAVIS Fifth great grandfather-in-law Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England 1599 Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 28 Nov 1685
Patience JAMES Fifth great grandmother-in-law Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 20 Oct 1603 Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 15 Nov 1690
Agnes BARRETT Fifth great grandmother-in-law England, United Kingdom ABT 1630
Richard NEW Fifth great grandfather-in-law Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom ABT 1630 Charles City, Charles City, Virginia AFT 1681
Leonard Earl BOYD Grandson-in-law Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts 12 Oct 1906 Fresno, Fresno County, California 17 Oct 1990
William Edward HEIB Sr Grandson-in-law Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio 12 May 1913 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona 14 Jul 1998
Charlie Zemri FALLS Grandson-in-law Township No 10, Cleveland County, North Carolina 03 Jan 1915 Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona 20 Nov 2000


OCCUPATION: Florist per recollection of Deloma Jane Heib
BIRTH-DEATH:Kansas Death Certificate;Copy owned by Chuck Falls
MARRIAGE:To Wyatt P Tuley per Ray Co Missouri book5 pg91 copy in possession of Chuck Falls.
BIRTH DATE:1865 per Warren-McElwain Mortuary records.
WHY CORA LEE RONE DIVORCED WYATT PIXLEY TULEY- The following information was related to me (Chuck Falls) by my mother (Deloma Jane Heib daughter of Stella Deloma Phillips daughter of Cora Lee) in a conversation held December 9, 1991. Although there is not proof of any of the details related here the information is given in good faith to the best of her recollection. Cora Lee (daughter of Henry Harrison Rone Sr and Eliza Jane Campbell) was married to Wyatt Pixley Tuley at a very young age (17 years old). The age difference between Cora and Wyatt was extreme (24). For this reason it is not unreasonable to assume that the marriage was arranged by Cora's parents. Cora may have had little choice in the matter and therefore had little feeling toward Wyatt when she married him. In any event, Wyatt was very protective of her. In fact he smothered her. It is not clear whether he did this out of a desire to protect her from harm or a fear of losing her. Wyatt had a job which required him to travel a great deal. When he traveled he brought Cora along. But he kept her locked up in the hotel room when it was not possible for her to accompany him. Understandably she wasn't too pleased with the arrangement. After their first and only child (Stella Deloma) was born he continued to drag the family along on his business trips locking both mother and daughter in the hotel room much of the day. For protection, he bought Cora a pistol. Eventually Cora mustered enough
courage to escape when the opportunity presented itself. Before she could mount the train and exit the city Wyatt discovered her missing and took after her in hot pursuit. He caught her at the train station and tried to force her to return by kidnapping their child. Cora resisted and shot him with his own pistol. That was sufficient to assure her flight. Cora and Stella stayed with Cora's mother Eliza Jane until Stella was school age. At that point Stella was put in a convent during the day while Cora worked. Later Cora, Stella and Cora's brother Billie (William Henderson Rone) moved to Telluride, Colorado for a couple of years. Billie went there to search for gold. Cora went along as his chaperone (Eliza Jane insisted that he be accompanied by a family member in view of his young age). In Telluride Cora worked as a waitress in the dining room of a local hotel She also earned money by doing sewing part time. When Cora, Stella and Billie moved back to Kansas City Cora continued to work (at a shirt factory and a hospital). Cora's hobby was reading. She got many of the books she read at a used book store owned by George Ecke. It was at his book store that they met. After she married George they moved to Lawrence, Kansas where most of George's property was. George was a very wealthy man owning both real estate and
business'. When his mother died he became even more wealthy as she was also quite well off. At the time of Cora's marriage to George, Stella was 12 or 13 (?) years old. George didn't think girls needed to go to high school so Stella didn't. Instead she studied more useful subjects such as sewing and dancing. Apparently she was talented enough at dancing to teach it because she met her husband Walter Benson Phillips while teaching dancing lessons at the Elks Club where Walter was also a dance teacher.