Jesse Holmes HOYT

Person Chart


Partner Date of Birth Children
Clara Hulda GRIGSBY 24 Feb 1890

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 07 Nov 1885 Lincoln, Lincoln County, Kansas
Place of Residence 1900 Ruella Township, Harper County, Kansas
Marriage 03 Nov 1910 Attica, Harper County, Kansas
Death 27 May 1965 Caldwell, Sumner County, Kansas
Burial 1965 Caldwell, Sumner County, Kansas

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Clara Hulda GRIGSBY Wife Attica, Harper County, Kansas 24 Feb 1890 Caldwell, Sumner County, Kansas 23 Nov 1969
James William GRIGSBY Father-in-law Spencer County, Indiana 1849 Harper, Harper County, Kansas 25 Feb 1933
Helen Lamar CHADD Mother-in-law Daviess County, Indiana 30 Sep 1857 Attica, Harper County, Kansas 21 Mar 1928
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Stella S. GRIGSBY Sister-in-law Norborne, Carroll County, Missouri 13 May 1880 30 Nov 1892
Walter Henry GRIGSBY Brother-in-law Norborne, Carroll County, Missouri 12 Mar 1882 Attica, Harper County, Kansas 02 Nov 1960
Alice Louella GRIGSBY Sister-in-law Attica, Harper County, Kansas 13 Dec 1884 27 May 1967
Annie Grandmother-in-law
Joseph CHADD Grandfather-in-law
2Lt Nathaniel GRIGSBY Grandfather-in-law Nelson County, Kentucky 11 Oct 1811 Attica, Harper County, Kansas 16 Apr 1890
Mahulda CUMMINS Grandmother-in-law Breckinridge Center, Union County, Kentucky 12 Jan 1817 Spencer County, Indiana 12 Jan 1853
Great grandparents-in-law
Reuben Davis GRIGSBY Great grandfather-in-law Nelson County, Kentucky 1774 Carroll County, Missouri 1855
Elizabeth LANMAN Great grandmother-in-law Caswell County, North Carolina 1777 Union Township, Appanoose County, Iowa 1865
John Ephraim CUMMINS Great grandfather-in-law Washington County, Kentucky 1778 Eldon, Wapello County, Iowa 11 Jan 1863
Nancy BARKER Great grandmother-in-law Virginia 1780 Indiana 15 Sep 1848
Second great grandparents-in-law
Elizabeth Lytle BARKER Second great grandmother-in-law
Simon Peter CUMMINS Second great grandfather-in-law Farquier County, Virginia 1730 Kentucky 16 Dec 1814
Charles GRIGSBY Second great grandfather-in-law Stafford, Stafford County, Virginia 1738 Stafford, Stafford County, Virginia 1781
Elizabeth HARRELL Second great grandmother-in-law Virginia 1739
Permely ASH Second great grandmother-in-law Nelson County, Kentucky 1760 Nelson County, Kentucky 1823
Aaron Hamilton BARKER Second great grandfather-in-law Nelson County, Kentucky 1766 1823
Third great grandparents-in-law
William BARKER Third great grandfather-in-law
Simon CUMMINS Third great grandfather-in-law Saint Steven's Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia 19 Feb 1698 Farquier County, Virginia 24 Jun 1771
Elizabeth CORUM Third great grandmother-in-law Culmstock, Devon, England, United Kingdom 1706 Farquier County, Virginia 1780
Fourth great grandparents-in-law
William CORAM Fourth great grandfather-in-law Exeter, Devonshire, England 1671
Sarah Fourth great grandmother-in-law England, United Kingdom 1675
Fifth great grandparents-in-law
John CORAM Fifth great grandfather-in-law Culmstock, Devon, England, United Kingdom 1645
Mary NORRISH Fifth great grandmother-in-law Exeter, Devonshire, England 1648