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In 2006, I was contacted by researchers of the Talley and Tolley families to participate in DNA testing to see if there was a connection between the Talley's, Tolley's and Tuley's. Since they offered to pay for the test, I agreed to participate.

Because of the differences in pronunciation, which I think are more significant than the spelling differences, I did not expect there to be a match, but I was surprised at how different the results were. According to the test results, we are related back around the time of Noah.

A Tooley from the John Tuley/Sarah New line also tested and as expected he and I were an exact 12 marker match, indicating our lines are related sometime since the late 1600's (about the time the Tuley's originally came to America). A couple of people from the Connecticut Tooley line have tested and they do not match us.

Thinking about it, if some other Tuley's tested, we could show a link between the various Tuley lines. Unfortunately, I can't offer to fund the testing. If you are interested, lots of good information on DNA testing for genealogy can be found at Family Tree DNA http://www.familytreedna.com.

If anyone from the New Jersey Tuley line gets tested, please let me know.