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Heads of Tuley Families


John Tuley and Sarah New

  • Starts about 1685.
  • The largest Tuley line.
  • Mirror Site


Thomas Tooley, Sr.

  • Starts with a death in Princess Anne County, Virginia in 1702.
  • Mirror Site


James and Martha Tuley

  • Starts in 1769.
  • This is data from The Tuley Family: Pioneer Settlers of LaPorte County. by William T. Tuley.
  • This line starts in Virginia and moves to Northern Indiana.
  • Mirror Site


Christopher and Elizabeth Tooley


John Tuley and Rachel Stevens

  • Starts about 1785.
  • Moved to Southern Indiana.
  • This is my line.
  • Mirror Site


James Landon Tooley and Mary Elizabeth Hartwell

  • Starts in August 1831.
  • This should connect into the Virginia John TULEY-Sarah NEW line.
  • This line starts in Kentucky and moved to Missouri.
  • Mirror Site


William Jefferson TOOLEY and Eunice Felton COPASS


John W. Tooley and Letice Melissa Whitaker

  • Born in 1848 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
  • Mirror Site


Ancil and Susan Tooley


Andrew J. and Laura Tooley

North Carolina

Thomas Tuly (Tooley)

  • Starts about 1700 in Hyde County, North Carolina.
  • Mirror Site


Jacob Tuley

  • Starts about 1720 in Hyde County, North Carolina.
  • Mirror Site


James Tooley and Sarah Ferguson


William Tooley and Barbara Whitfield

  • Starts in 1764, married 29 Apr 1789 in Craven County, North Carolina
  • Mirror Site


Phillip A. and Laura Tooley


William Hudson Tuley and Emma Sanderling (second wife: Mary)


John Rickman Tooley and Martha Angeline Adams

  • Starting in 1836 in Macon County, Tennessee.
  • Mirror Site


Josiah E. Tooley

  • Starting in the 1800's. From Illinois to Washington, Oregon and California.
  • Mirror Site

Washington, DC

Washington Tuley and Susie L. Stillwell


Arthur Tuley

United Kingdom


  • Born in 1735 in Swarland, Northumberland.
  • This data is no longer in my database, due to a disk drive failure several years ago, but I was able to salvage these HTML files. Since they don't connect to any of the other lines, reentering the data is a very low priority for me.
  • If you have this data in a GEDCOM file, please contact me.