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The Tuley Family: Pioneer Settlers of LaPorte County. by William T. Tuley.

  • This one has lots of good information about the Tuley family of Northern Indiana that was descended from James and Martha Tuley, who came from Virginia and eventually settled in LaPorte County, Indiana. No connection has yet been made between this line and the larger one from Virginia. The last I knew, this book was available for $25 from:

William T. Tuley

Minuteman Press

2313 Wicker Avenue

Schererville, IN 46375

Phone: (219) 322-6677 FAX: (219) 322-7400


The Tuley Family Memoirs: An Historical, Biographical and Genealogical Story of the Tuleys and the Floyd Family Connection in Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana.by Wiilliam Floyd Tuley, W. J. Hedden, Printer. New Albany, Indiana, 1906.

  • This book covers a major portion of the larger Virginia Tuley line. It does have several errors and omissions in it and the author does tend to speculate at times about some early connections. I started my web site by typing in the data from this book. All the data from this book is on this web site.
  • Reprints can be purchased for $27.00 from the Higginson Book Company. http://www.higginsonbooks.com/gentu007h.html
  • Best Price: FREE at Google Books However, if you decide to print the free download yourself, you will end up spending almost as much, if not more, than buying a paper copy.
  • Google Books
  • Also available on Amazon.com
  • Disclaimer: I have not ordered from any of these sources. I don't get a commission.


If you know of another Tuley book, please let me know.

If you are writing one or have written one, send me a review copy and and I will review it here and tell people how to order one.


I have written a book (not a genealogy book). If you are looking for it, go here: http://book.tuley.us/