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Tuley Geography

Tuley Road, Hamilton, Ohio

Tuley Street, Cedar Hill, Texas

Tuley Road, Paso Robles, California

Tuleys Creek Drive, Fort Worth, Texas

Tuley Road, Moberly, Missouri

Tuleyries Plantation, Millwood, Virginia

Tuley Alley, Carthage, Tennessee

Tuley Street, Manchester, England, United Kingdom

The shoals of Tuley, The Philippines (English translation of a Spanish book published in Mexico [Nueva España] in 1609.)

Tuley Park, Chicago, Illinois named for Judge Murray Floyd Tuley. There was a Tuley High School, but it was renamed for a baseball player.

Tuley Creek, California 41°13'40.62"N 123°46'34.69"W (Spelled Tully & Tulley on various maps.)

West Tuley Springs, Paso Robles, California 35°43'9.89"N 120°25'58.57"W

East Tuley Springs, Paso Robles, California 35°43'6.88"N 120°25'21.56"W

Tuley Hollow, Jackson Township, Ozark County, Missouri