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Tuley Legends

Most Tuley Families have a legend of 3 brothers coming across the Atlantic together and then splitting up. Details vary, but almost all specify a part of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Ireland). Some say the Tuley family was a Huguenot refugee family from France.

Page from The Tuley Family Memoirs.

Elizabeth Tuley and Abraham Lincoln legends.

A real Tuley - Lincoln connection

Go to John Tuley, my oldest proven ancestor. Notice that his oldest daughter is the Elizabeth (born on 12 Sep 1811) is mentioned above.

Scroll down so you can see the youngest son, Samuel F. Tuley (born 25 Oct 1824) and click on him. Notice he had 5 wives! Two of Samuel's wives were cousins with the last name GRIGSBY.

Click on their Grandfather, Reuben Davis Grisgby.

Then click on Reuben's oldest son, Aaron Grigsby. Notice his first wife was Sarah Lincoln.

Click on her father, Thomas Lincoln andyou will see that her brother was Abraham Lincoln.

So, John Tuley had two Daughters-In-Law who had an uncle who married Abraham Lincoln's sister!