Earl Chester CLEMENTS

Family Search ID: LTG3-G95

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Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Other Name Earl Chester CLEMENTS


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Judge Aaron Waller CLEMENTS 08 Mar 1852 Sallie Anna TULEY (CLEMENTS) 22 Oct 1860


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Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 22 Oct 1896 Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky
Military Service 1917 US Army
Military Service 09 Jul 1917 Co. M, Kentucky National Guard Enlisted -Private
Military Service 12 Sep 1919 US Army Discharged -Captain
Occupation 1922 Union County, Kentucky Union County Sheriff
Marriage 1927
Occupation BET 1941 AND 1944 Kentucky State Senate
Occupation BET 1944 AND 1948 United States Representative, 2nd Congressional District of Kentucky
Occupation BET 1948 AND 1950 Governor of Kentucky
Occupation BET 1950 AND 1956 United States Senator
Occupation BET 1957 AND 1959 Washington, District of Columbia Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Occupation 1960 Kentucky Highway Commissioner
Occupation BET 1961 AND 1963 Washington, District of Columbia American Merchant Marine Institute
Death 12 Mar 1985