Oskar Fredrik HEDMAN

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Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 09 Jan 1845 Norrköping, Östergötland, Sweden
Marriage 1867 Sweden
Immigration 04 Aug 1871 Växjö, Kronoberg, Sweden Letter from The House of Emigrants of Växjö, Sweden says on 4 Aug 1871 left Gothenburg for Quebec a Fredrik Hedman 26 yr from Stockholm and his wife Ebba 25 yr from Stockholm according to the manifests.
Other Event bet 08 Oct 1871 and 10 Oct 1871 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois Oskar and Ebba were burned out during the Chicago Fire. They were separated from each other for a week.
Naturalization 31 Oct 1876 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
Occupation 1880 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois Porter
Census 1880 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 679 North Ave.
Census 1900 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois 858 N Mozart St.
Occupation 1909 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois Dry Goods Packer
Death 24 Jul 1909 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Burial 27 Jul 1909 Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois


Head of Line
They came from Sweden in 1869 on the Allen Lines. He studied to be a doctor and did office work and when he came to America he started to work for Marshall Field until he took sick.
He had 3 sisters in Sweden, Clara, Lottie and Christine and 2 nephews, Axel and Otto. Axel worked for the King and Otto came to America as a watch maker.


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