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Major Contributors
  • Data Contributors - In order of Contributions

    • William Floyd Tuley. He wrote The Tuley Family Memoirs, published in 1906.
    • David Tooley. He found many Tuley - Tooley connections.
    • William Thomas Tuley. He wrote The Tuley Family: Pioneer Settlers of LaPorte County, about the northern Indiana Tuley
    • Rose Heritage. Provided the line of John & Polly Tuley.
    • Virginia Burke May Rhoades, who provided many corrections and additions.
    • And many, many others who gave me a couple of names here or a date there. I estimate that at least 90% of the data on this site came from others who have graciously provided more information.

    Do you have something to contribute? I can handle data of many types, but I prefer a GEDCOM file. What is a GEDCOM file? A GEDCOM file is a file used by genealogy software to import or export genealogical information (usually found under "File" "Export" or by clicking on "Help").

  • Financial Contributors - In order of Contributions

    • Just me, so far because I have never asked for any donations.
    • Go to the "Sponsor Application" page, if interested.
Contact Information
Glenn Tuley

Updated 06 Jul 2019