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The "T" names have over 1,000 people so it may load slowly. You can scroll (names are sorted by last name), if just browsing, but a search will probably be faster.

Note: A search for "George" will be more successful than a search for "George W. Tuley" or "George Washington Tuley". A search for "George Washington Tuley" will find four people, but they may not include the George you are looking for.

Another note: names on the "Persons" page are sorted in the following order:

Database Update

The database was update on 25 Dec 2017.

There are now over 8300 people in the database, either TULEYs or related to TULEYs. Most of the recent increases have come from more Census data being indexed for computer searches making it easier to look for and prove connections, without any having to leave home to do the research.

19 Dec 2017 - I have also been working on some of my non-Tuley lines and found some connections that show that every one descended from my Great Grandpa Tuley is also descended (through Great Grandma Ollie Ellen Cooper) from Charlemagne and a few Knights, Counts, Dukes, Lords & Ladies, and Kings. The easilest way to find them is to click on the "Persons" in the top banner of the database then click on "Other" to the right of the alpabet choices for last names for those people not know by last names, such as Emperor Charlemagne. Some French royalty can be found unde the letter "D" for names starting with "D'" or "De" and German royalty under "V" for "VON". Also unde "O" are those where I found English language sources that used "OF" (some of which probably should be "D'", "DE", or "VON".


An announcement.

One of my next projects will be to create a mailing for anouncements about updates to the web site for those interested in getting an E-Mail. Details will be posted here when it is ready for those interested in signing up.






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