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In 2006, I was contacted by researchers of the Talley and Tolley families to participate in DNA testing to see if there was a connection between the Talley's, Tolley's and Tuley's. Since they offered to pay for the test, I agreed to participate.

Because of the differences in pronunciation, which I think are more significant than the spelling differences, I did not expect there to be a match, but I was surprised at how different the results were. According to the test results, we are related back around the time of Noah.

A Tooley from the John Tuley/Sarah New line also tested and as expected he and I were an exact 12 marker match, indicating our lines are related sometime since the late 1600's (about the time the Tuley's originally came to America). A couple of people from the Connecticut Tooley line have tested and they do not match us.

Thinking about it, if some other Tuley's tested, we could show a link between the various Tuley lines. Unfortunately, I can't offer to fund the testing. If you are interested, lots of good information on DNA testing for genealogy can be found at Family Tree DNA http://www.familytreedna.com.

If anyone from the New Jersey Tuley line gets tested, please let me know.

An interesting article, that explains testing very well. The limits of ancestry DNA tests, explained.

Another great article: So you’re related to Charlemagne? You and every other living European…

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Updated 06 Jul 2019