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Tuley Coat of Arms

Tuley Coats of Arms

Several companies market a "Tuley Coat of Arms".

They make various claims about the authenticity and almost alway reference Burke's Heraldry, but none of them reference documented genealogy. In addition, coats of arms were assigned to individuals and not families. So, even if your great-great-great-grandfather was awarded a coat of arms, you would not be entitled to use it as yours, anyway.

They are just marketing scams.

I modified the one with the gray background that I use on this page, because I thought it looked cool. My previous disclaimer about its validity got lost in a previous edit, so i created this page.

I decided to create my own Coat of Arms, which is far more valid for me to use than anything being marketed as a Tuley Coat of Arms. My Coat of Arms consists of

  • "a walking white lion" (taken from the logo of The King's College, where I earned a B.A. in History)
  • "on a green field" (from the logo of The University of North Texas, where I earn a M.S. in Computer Science)
  • "topped with the maroon and white ribbon of the USAF Meritorious Service Medal (the highest military medal that I earned).
You should see a small version of it on your browser's tab for this and other pages on this site.

Glenn Tuley COA

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Glenn Tuley

Updated 11 Apr 2024