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Wanted Dead or Alive

(Most people listed here were born in the 1700's or 1800's, so if you find any that are still alive, let me know)

(You have to have a sense of humor or at least tolerate mine.)

No rewards offered, but any information would be appreciated

1. My phantom Charles Tuley was older and left Amherst County, Virginia during the Revolutionary War for Kentucky and was still living there in 1801. I could find no record of him in the 1800 tax lists (1790 & 1800 census records destroyed). He lived "near Boonsburg" (Boonesborough - Daniel Boone's settlement) which was in Madison Co. (24 Jul 97) Send E-Mail to: David Tooley This is also of interest to: Glenn Tuley

2. See Lost and Found #2.

3. Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

4. The Butler County, Kentucky Census of 1810 lists Tuley Alen aged 16-25 with a female (presumably wife) aged 16-25. Does anyone know anything about them? Send E-Mail to: Glenn Tuley (6 Sep 97)

5.  Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

6. See Lost and Found #6.

7. Richard Tuley's family.  He was mentioned on page 62 of The Tuley Family Memoirs as being the grandson of the John Tuley who is my ancestor, but I have seen no other record of him. Which son of John's was his father? Send E-Mail to: Glenn Tuley

8. A piece of paper stuck in the Williams family Bible has the following on it relating to Hyde County, North Carolina: "Charles Tooly son of Anson Tooly and Polly Tooly his wife was borned January 12, 1820. Calvin Tooly son of Anson Tooly and Polly his wife was borned July the 29 1821"

I am guessing that these are possibly brothers of Frances but have no proof. If there is any connection, will you please notify me? Send E-Mail to: Martha Ann Murray (24 Feb 98) Also send an info copy to: Glenn Tuley

9. Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789

Tuley, Henry State : NC County : Hyde Co. Location : Smiths District Year : 1786 Page # : 001 Census type code : State Census

Does anyone have information (parents, wife, or children or knowledge that he did not have a wife or children) of this these?

Henry Tuley

Henry Tuley

Henry Tuley

I found out the following on Henry Tuley (also spelled Tule, Tuly, Tooley). In Hyde Co., NC Deed Book B, pages 202-203, dated 1770, Jacob Tuley deeded slaves to his minor children Henry, Millicent and Ann; in the event they died without issue, the slaves would go to the older children: Margaret, Charity and Jacob (Jr.).

Henry Tuley was married to Lydia (?). Jacob was married to Priscilla Gibbs, one of the daughters of Joseph Gibbs, Sr., son of Henry & Anne Gibbs.

However, there was also a John Tuley who was a contemporary of Jacob Tuley, possibly a brother of Jacob, who may also have had a son named Henry. It will take a bit of research on your part.

Also, in In The Name Of God, Amen: Abstracts of Hyde Co., NC Wills, 1709-1775 by my cousin Ellen A. Williams, pages 108-109, there is a will for Thomas Tuly, 3 Dec., 1740, in which he mentions his wife Sarah; sons: Thomas, Nathaniel, Anthony, John; daughters: Sarah Tuly, MaryLeith, Elizabeth Easter, and Rachel Juel (Jewell). Probated June Court, 1741.

I imagine Jacob was a son of one of Thomas' (Sr.) sons. - John B. McGowan

If you have any additional information relating to the above, please E-Mail: Glenn Tuley.

10. I am researching my family tree and am stumped on finding Elizabeth M. Turley b 12/22/1740 (where unknown) d. 6/20/1806 Orange Co. (now Alamance Co., NC) m. Philip Snotherly Jr. (b. 1/18/1737 d. 1/7/1791) married in Lancaster Co., Pa. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. email: Jennifer Snodderly Schu

11. See Lost and Found #11.

12. See Lost and Found #12.

13. Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

14. I have a record of Suzannah Tully who married Josiah Records in Sussex County, Maryland. They settled in Delaware until after the War. He was a wagon master Captain in the R.W. They went to Pennsylvania on a land grant and then to Kentucky with Daniel Boone. Susannah Tully, b.1743 or 1744. d. 5-18 -1824.This was a great woman: she had 11 kids, lived in the wilderness, moved often because Josiah said if more than three families lived in a county, it ruined the hunting. He traveled with a family of 16 to 18 people, children included and in-laws including his mother, who must have been a sturdy type Cornish descent woman. I wish I could find out more about Susannah Tully Records.

They were both buried in Mason County, Ky in their apple orchard. The Record Genealogy is well documented through the DAR.

If you have any additional information please send an E-Mail to: RaineParr@aol.com (18 Apr 98)

15, Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

16. My Great-Grandmother was Mary Turley. She married a G W Gordon and died in March, 1934 in Ohio County Kentucky. Could she possibly be related? I'd love to have some information on her and her other children. O. J. Herman (11 Jul 98)

17. See Lost and Found #17.

18. Am seeking parents and siblings of Morris Moses RAY and Sarah TULEY. Morris Moses RAY b 1805 Ky, d 28 Feb 186l, married Sarah TULEY b 1811 VA, d 16 Jan 1850. Settled Clinton Co by 1840. Children: Elizabeth Frances b Shelby Co Ky, Mary A b Shelby Co Ky, Sarah b Shelby Co Ky, Susan b Shelby Co Ky, James, Andrew, Charlotte, Jesse Ray, Harvey and Moses Jr born Clinton Co IN. All buried Hill's Cemetery, Sugar Creek, Clinton Co IN. Send E-Mail to: Greg King (14 Oct 98)

19   Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

20.  Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

21.  Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

22. I have a John Tool from Albemarle Co., Va who married Sarah Moran there in 1791- his name appears again on a marriage bond of Nelson Moran's in Amhearst, Co. , Va in 1802. Is Tool another variation of the Tooley/Tuley name? He is no relation to the family I am researching but info on him may corroborate some other records that I am checking.....since Tooley/Moran connections also emerge in Madison Co., Ky. You seemed to have a lot of background on the family name and I thought you might be able to tell me about this name. Any help is appreciated! regards, Pamela Moran (24 Mar 99)

23. My gr-gr-gr-greatgrandfather was Jacob Swindell, Sr. born 1760 died 1834. He was married to Mary Tooley. Have quite a bit of old Swindell info but nothing on Mary. I also tie to the Baynor, Langley, McCormick, and Oram families in the 1750/1830 time frame. My family did not write anything down about the families except for grandparentage and that they were in the Hyde/Beaufort area. Joyce Boyette (20 Apr 99)

24. I am searching for the mother of my Charles Tuley who was born 1776 and moved from Rockbridge, Va. to Lincoln county, TN. in 1804. He referred in his will to being an heir listed in his mother's will. He implies that she is still alive in the middle 1830s and that he was not the only living heir. I know that this is little to go on, but maybe some other Tuley has knowledge of such a woman and her will. As always, any help will be appreciated. Nancy McGinty (29 Apr99)

25. Hi, I am trying to locate any information about MELISSA TULEY, (died 6 Oct. 1819). My information is that she was married to William Gibbs (b. 27 Oct 1754 - d. 17 Nov. 1812), and their daughter Cassandra was married to Jonathan Harris. Belinda Harris, their daughter, married Noah S. Sadler, which is my line of descent. Hopefully, our lines will meet. So far I have not had a great deal of success in finding who Melissa's parents were. From Noah and Belinda down, I have quite a bit of information - a lot of it documented, which I will be more than happy to share. Thank you, Bobbie Nantz (14 May 99)

26. I'm interested in a woman named Elizabeth Tooley who was born in VA about 1850. She married into the Melrose family in Illinois. Thanks, J. Carrell (24 May 99)

27. I am searching for any information on my maternal great-grandfather, Ed or Edward Dallas Tooley. He was possibly from Ohio originally, and died and was buried in Anderson, IN. He was married to Maude Finley, and Ed and Maude were the parents of my father's mother. These are the children I have for them:

MINTA M TOOLEY, b. September 09, 1881; d. May 06, 1980; m. ISAAC N. HOTTINGER * This may have been a sister or sister-in-law (note dates on her birth and the birth of the next child; 1881 and then 1897) RALPH TOOLEY, b. December 25, 1897; d. February 1979 ESTHER GARNET TOOLEY, (my grandmother) b. December 21, 1900; d. October 08, 1975, Anderson, Indiana MARION TOOLEY, b. August 21, 1920; d. December 1984

All replies and assistance are sincerely appreciated. Lee Swinford (3 Jun 99)

28. I am looking for a James Marion Tooley born around 1870.  My aunt said he was born in Madison County KY.  He was married to a Estelle or Stella ? and live in Gibson County IN in 1900.  This is all the information I have on him.  If you can connect him to someone in your county please contact me at berinda@usit.net  See #39 below for more information.

29. I was born 7/19/58 in La Jolla (near San Diego), CA, and named "Baby boy Tuley", I was told by my adopted parents that my birth father was in the Military and both birth parents were from Boston. If you have any information about my parents or grandparents please E-Mail Glenn Tuley, who will forward it to me.

30. Looking for info on Fanny Nancy Tooly, b. abt 1816 in KY, m. Oct 20 1833 in Columbus, Bartholomew, IN to Ira Nelson Thayer b. Oct 12 1812 in Concord, Essex, VT, d. bef. 1870 in Bartholomew, IN. TIA Rich Grimes

31. I am trying to link the TULEY's in NC with the TULEY's in VA. and KY. Land Warrants and Surveys of Albemarle Co., North Carolina 1681-1706, page 14, 19 March 1693 William Allen to get land for transport of: Rebecca Tuley, Thomas Tuley Mary Tuley and Mercy Tuley, John Tuley, Elizabeth Tuley and S_____ (torn). Any clues would be appreciated Glenn Tuley. (12 Sep 99)

32. Do you know the whereabouts of John Cain's family Bible? Nellie Bruce had it. Records indicate she had no immediate family.

Also maybe I've already asked, Do you have dates on John's parents? Can't seem to find any. Also could her name have been Rebecca McGill instead of Rachel? Charlie Cain (16 Sep 99)

33. Hi, I'm looking for information on my g-g-g-grandmother: Termelia L. Tuley b. 4/7/1811, d. 3/30/1844, m. T. A. Foree on 6/1830 in Kentucky. Her daughter Mildred A. Foree was my g-g-grandmother. Thought maybe someone may have come across one of these names in their research. Any help would be appreciated. Judy Clouser (16 Oct 99)

34. I am looking for any additional information you might have to Dorcas Tuley or her parents, Thomas Tuley and _______, Do you know who her mother is?  While searching my family tree I came across James Credle being married to Dorcas c. 1786-1790. I would appreciate any info you may have on this line of ancestry Thanks!! Donna Crossman (26 Oct 99)  Glenn Tuley is also interested.

35. Seeking any info. on brothers John, George and Charles Tooley who all lived in Chariton, Macon and Linn Co. Missouri between 1820-1860.  Came from VA as far as I can find. All were landowners with families where children were. George was married to Eliz. Ford & had 8 children. John was married to a Pheobe ______ and Charles to Elinor.

Have searched for 6 years but cannot find their father/family. I had a Charles that passed through Kentucky but he is not in the KY Tooley clan. Possible middle name of Porter. Thanks. Peggy Tooley Taylor (12 Jan 2000)

36.  Matthew Arnos Tooley born: ? died: 1973 , Dallas Texas, one child that I know of lives in Kokomo, IN. Matthew married Helen Crider. I don't have any record of divorce. Any info would be helpful as this is my brick wall.  In God's service.  E-Mail to: freeway@netusa1.net (17 Jan 2000)

37.  I have two Tooley/Tuley lines I'm researching. The first, we've discovered, is descended through John Tuley and Sarah New. The second line I'm sure is connected fairly closely. The same family names were used and they were living near other Tooley families. The earliest Tooley we've found in this line is James L. Tooley. He was b Aug 1831 in KY. The census record states his father was born in Alabama. James died in Douglas Co., MO. He married Mary Hartwell in IN. They had 6 children. George b 1884 in IN, Lizzie b 1888 in IN, my gr grandmother Lucinda Lucy Tooley b Sep 1890-1892, twins Henry and Harry b 1895 in MO. (Henry died as an infant, and Francis, b 1899 in MO. We think that James L. may have had a brother names Charles. Unfortunately that's all the info we have.  E-Mail to: Bette Giboney (E-Mail account no longer valid) (21 Jan 2000)

38. Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

39. I am still searching for info on James Marion Tooley who lived in Gibson County, Indiana.  The 1900 census shows that James Tooley was married to Stella Gabbert with 4 children.  They were Oscar (my grandfather), Oliver, Margaret, and Minnie.  But I cannot find where he died.  He is not listed as died in Gibson County, but he is buried in Gibson County.  Anyone who can find where he died or a death certificate please help.  berinda@bellsouth.net (28 Mar 2000)

40. I am looking for any information anyone might have on Jane Florence Tooley. She married James Raleigh Barrett on June 3, 1883 in Pike County, Indiana. I know she and James had at least 3 children, Sarah Elizabeth, Laura Anna, and Walter. We believe there was another brother named Everitt but not sure. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Don Bennett

41. I am tracing my family back and have hit a dead end....I will tell you what I have on my TOOLEYs and you can tell me if anything looks familiar.

John Tooley b 1798? TN? Died 10 Dec1845 in Independence Co. AR Mary ? (wife) b 1808 in TN

Children: Anderson b 1824 or 26 in TN Granville b 1828 in TN Nancy Tennessee E. b 1830 d 1899 in OK Sarah b 1835 in lL or TN William b 1840 in IL Emily b 1842 in IL

Census records show that they were from TN and VA....if any of this looks familiar could you please let me know. Thank You, John A. Burton

42.  JONES, Ance c1879, IN: bore son by Laura COOPER, m? maybe. son William Larkin JONES b 18 Feb 1879 "Southern IN". After age of 4 or 5, reared by "Aunt & Uncle, Dr. & Mrs Augustus TULLEY", near Brazil, IN. Genejames@aol.com

43.  TULLEY, Dr. Augustus Brazil IN area b c1846 d 8 Oct 1909 at home of dau in Mooresville, IN. Practiced medicine in Brazil IN & owned much property there. Secretary of Board of Health for Clay Co, IN. Need wife's maiden name & sibs of Dr & Mrs Tulley. They raised a nephew, William Larkin JONES, who was b of Ance JONES & Laura COOPER. Genejames@aol.com

44.  Glenn, I would like to ask your advice on something. I am searching for a record. In 1806 one John Carpenter?/Carr? asked that Christopher Tolley's will be set a side. He was claiming to be a heir of Christopher Tolley. His claim was denied. Why was he claiming to be a heir and where would one likely be able to find a record such as this? There is no record in Rockbridge County, Va. but some say there could be in maybe Augusta County.

I realize you maybe know nothing about said Christopher Tolly/Tuley/Tolley but though maybe with your experience you maybe could lead me in the right direction. Also at the bottom of Christopher's will when they are speaking of the motion to set a side the will it is mentioned that the motion was maybe made in Staunton, Virginia which would be in another county all together. Also, John Carpenter paid a sum of money for the will to be set a side. Christopher's children he speaks of in the will are : John, Joseph, Samuel, and Christopher Jr. Would you have any other info. on this family? I do not know his fathers name but think maybe Christopher could have been a brother to James Tuley of Albemarle county. Thanks, look forward to hearing from you, also could you post this on your query pages to see if anyone can help me? I have info on the family from 1778-1806. Christopher/Christian's wife's name was Patience? She died in 1807 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. Help!

Thanks very much, Sincerely, Barbara Tolley (27 Jul 2000)

According to http://resources.rootsweb.com/USA/ Staunton, VA is in Augusta County. Glenn Tuley (27 Jul 2000)

45. I have a sister of my great grand father who was born in Russell County Kentucky and they moved to Warrick County, Indiana. Her name is Mary Elizabeth Harris and she married a Sylvester Tooley (sp?) Mary Elizabeth was born in 1878.  I know there were children born of this marriage because my great-grandmother had pictures of "the Tooley bunch" in her picture suitcase. My mother doesn't know any more about these people. Help me. There's got to be some kind of connection with the name and locality commonality. Researching Ashby, Harris, Gragg, Nash, Duncan, Robinson, Hurst, Evans, and more.  Mail to: Bev Duncan (6 Aug 2000)

46.  I am looking for information on my gggg grandfather, James Wesley Tooley. He was born in 1825 in KY and died in 1897, IL. James married Eliza Anna Conk (1821-1877). They had the following children: Abby Gill, James P., Elizabeth, Lidya Ann, Theodore, and Lucy Ann. They lived in Sailor Springs, Clay County, Illinois. Let me know if these people sound familiar. Email Rhonda

47.  What I have is this: Hortense F. Tooley -b. 7/26/1852 d.12/2/1898 m. Calvin Phillips-b. May 1843 d. 3/4/1892 Hortense's father was William Tooley possibly married to a Sarah Johnston. Daughter of Calvin and Hortense was: Dora Phillips m. George McCloud

William Tooley was to also have a son named William and that both disappeared during the Civil War not to be heard from again and no death certificate was ever issued.

If you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated . Thanks for your time. Marie Nicom

48.  Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

49. I am looking for the parents of William Carter Tuel b. VA 1801 married Barbary Duncan from Surry Co. NC. They resided in Smyth Co. VA from 1838 on. I have all records from this line, but no parents of William Carter Tuel. It was said that they were from NC and his father's name was William "Bill" Tuel.  Thanks, Melanie Tuel McPherson (15 Mar 2001)

50. My Great-Ggrandfather, Luke Minor Fish, from New York state near Albany originally married an Elizabeth Tooley in 1852, who was from Canada. We have no other records at this time and would like to see if we can find any other info on her. If you know of a site to look, please contact me. Thank you. Patrick Fish (7 Apr 2001)

51. I'm looking for an older sibling of my Thomas. B Massie of Warren County, Virginia (Near Clark Co. line) Duncan T Massie, son of Thomas Massie married Louzetta Tuley, ward of Henry Mitchell, bondsman, on 3 Feb 1823 in Frederick County, Virginia. I am still seeking to find where they went after their marriage. I'm looking for information about this line; but don't know if they tie in with any of the above listed Tuleys. Many thanks.. Shirley Starks (6 Jun 2001/4 Nov 2005)

52.  Found, but references got lost before moving to Lost and Found.

53. Searching for Amanda Tooley, daughter of Samuel Tooley and Letita Lamkin of Darling Township, Ontario (they had moved into Canada from the northern U.S.about 1828.) She married a John Raycroft, but seems to have disappeared with two young children, Samuel and John, about 1860. There's a strong chance she went back to the States with her widowed mother.Anyone spotted her? Glad to give whatever I have on this intriguing family of Tooleys. Max Sutherland. Ottawa, Canada (8 Oct 2001)

54. Marlah TOOLEY, born abt-1818-N.Y. she married Samuel B. ROSS, born-1811, and they married-1835-Delaware Co, Ohio. They lived-Millersport, Fairfield Co, Ohio, and were in Walnut Creek Township, Fairfield Co., Ohio in 1850 census. He died 10 Oct 1888.  In Walnut Creek, and I have been unable to find a burial of him or her, or any of her family members. Hope someone can help me connect this family. Helen Ross (30 Jan 2002)

55. Lorinda Jenkins Tooley - 1837 to 1909. I have a Tandy Dawson Tooley married to a Lorinda Jenkins on 1/24/1837. Lorinda was b. on 9/28/1818 in KY. Can anyone tell me who the parents of Lorinda were? Someone once told me that they were Joel T. Jenkins and Mary 'Polly' Neill. But I have no proof. My research on Joel and Mary show no child named Lorinda. Thanks!! Dave Tooley (1 Feb 2002

56.  Where is Patience Elizabeth Tooley? B, abt, 1832 in KY. M. Andrew Jackson Miller b., abt., 1819 Ky. They had a son Robert Marion Miller b., 1869 in Oakland City, Gibson Co., IN. RMM eventually moved to Sallisaw, OK he married LueVina Kidd b., 1890 , OK.  Where is this family? Kari Miller (14 Mar 2002)

57.  Looking for info on ELIHU TULEY m. NANCY MURPHY in DECATUR CO., IN 10 Aug 1849. Thanks! Jodi

58. Missing Diary of William Woodruff Tuley (1825-1903) Dear Mr. Tuley: I am originally from New Albany and am working on a study of Indiana volunteers in the Mexican War. William Woodruff Tuley (1825-1903) served with the Spencer Greys, Company A, of the Second Indiana regiment and fought at the Battle of Buena Vista. I have a copy of his published memoir, but am trying to learn if his diary--from which he quotes in the memoir--has survived. I know this is a real long shot. Do you have any idea of who might possess his diary or any letters he wrote during that period? You may also want to know that in 2003, the Carnegie Museum in New Albany will have an exhibit on Charles Floyd, the only member of the Corps of Discovery to die on the Lewis and Clark expedition. He was a first cousin to Charles Preston Tuley and Wyatt Preston Tuley. As you probably know, Elizabeth Floyd married Charles Tuley and they came to Kentucky about 1783 . Her brother Robert, was the father of Charles Floyd. Their brother John Floyd founded Floyd's Station and was killed in an Indian ambush in 1783. Sincerely Jeffrey G. Mauck, Ph.D. Director of the Program in Public History Department of History Southwest Texas State University San Marcos, TX 78666 512-245-2064

59. My maternal great-grandfather was James (Jim) Landon Tooley born in 1831 or1832. He married Mary Elizabeth (May L.) Hartwell about 1881 in Indiana. According to 1910 census this was his third marriage and he had fathered 19 children. He had 6 my Mary: George Lottie, Mary Ellizabeth (Lizzie), Lucinda (Cindy), Harry and Henry (twins), and Frances. Will Havens daughter, Anna said he had a boy named "Joe". There was a Joseph Landon Tooley and his family that lived by James and Mary in Vanzant, MO. This was the "Uncle Joe" that my grandma talked about. I am mainly interested in who James L. Tooley's parents, siblings, other wives and children were and where James was from. His daughter Lucinda married George W. Tooley's son, Cornelius and they were said to be third or fourth cousins. Thanks, Susie Q

60. Mary Margaret Tulley aka Margaret Mary Tulley Born: circa 1817 in Ireland Marriage: Jame Wesley of England approx. 1837 Died: Between 1860-1876 in Detroit, Michigan Immigrated to the US approx. 1837 Children: William Wesley b. 1837 James Wesley b.1850 Elizabeth Wesley b. 1852 Margaret Wesley b. 1853 Amanda Wesley b.1866 Thanks again!  Pamela Phillips

61.  I'm looking for information on an unknown TOOLEY that married a Dave WEAVER about 1780 in Georgia or North Carolina. Dave was said to be Cherokee. I have record of them having 8 children between 1784 and 1814. Will appreciate any help you can give. Chester MILBURN chester@sisna.com (13 Oct 2002)

62. I'm looking for any relatives of Joseph Landon Tooley, born Oct. 7, 1861 in Princeton, Gibson Co., Indiana and died Aug. 2, 1936 in Seneca, Union Co., New Mexico. He married Lucinda Anderson and had eleven children. On Joseph's death certificate it lists his father as James Tooley and his mother as Mary Jenkins. My aunt, Doris Della Tooley Tidwell, said he was a half-brother to her mother Lucinda Tooley and lived in Denlow, MO beside them. She said they called him "Uncle Joe". I would appreciate any help you can give. ssbarnett@frontiernet.net (19 July 2003)

63. Am looking for any information on the parentage of Christopher (Christando) TOOLEY, b. abt 1650-58 of Killingworth, M, CT; md Elizabeth___________ abt 1683 in Killingworth, M, CT. I am a descendant of: Christopher and Elizabeth's son Andrew (md Sarah CRANE) their son William TOOLEY b. abt 1719 of Killingworth, M, CT who married Hannah_________ abt 1752 of Guilford, New Haven CT who had the son: William Tooley b. 6 Sep 1753 of Guilford, New Haven, CT md to _________________? who had son Abraham TOOLEY b. abt 1778 of Killingsworoth, M, CT md to Anna KELSEY 26 Jun 1794 in Killingsworth; who had son Harvey TOOLEY b. abt 1809 of Middletown, Midls., CT md Lucinda ROBERTS on 5 Aug 1832 in Middletown, Middlesex, CT who had daughter Sarah A. TOOLEY b. 3 Aug 1843 in Killingsworth who md Edward Merritt TOOLEY( b. 18 Apr 1843 of Middletown, Butler, OH ) on 24 Dec 1865 in , Kendall, IL; who had son Henry Stanley TOOLEY b. 7 Nov. 1876 in Oswego, Kendall, IL, md Gertrude Amanda CHAPMAN on 16 Apr 1900 in Omaha, Douglas, NE; who had son Virgil Forrest TOOLEY b. 31 Aug 1918 in Beaver, Boone, IA md Estella Mae BRADY 19 Jan. 1937.  (My Father) If anyone has any information on Christopher or any of these related lines, I would appreciate getting in contact with you. Thank you! Gayla Myers (26 July 2004)

64. Looking for the parents of Reuben Tooley born ca 1795/97 in either VT,CT or NY. Various birth places given in census records and death record. He was in Gallia Co., OH in 1820, 1821 & 1822. Purchased land in Marion Co., Ohio in 1837. In 1840 & 1850 Marion Co., Ohio. In Macon Co., IL 1860 where he died 11 July 1862. Children are Oliver B. Josiah, Sarah, Joshua, Charles, Samuel and perhaps Amanda. Oliver was in Hancock Co., OH in 1880. Charles was in Cass Co., MO in 1867. Josiah died in 3 Feb 1863 in CW. Joshua died 8 March 1903 in Soldiers and Sailors Home in Adams Co., IL. Name has variously been spelled as Ruben, Tooly, Toolly, Tuley, Tulley. Appreciate any assistance on this. Cheri Hunter (4 August 2004/6 June2006)

65. In my grandfather's (Ira Clayton (Jack) Cites') autograph album, there is an entry from 1887 or 1888 signed "Your cousin, Hattie Rottlander". The only cousin of my grandfather with the name Hattie, was Hattie Tuley, the daughter of Lincoln (Linc) Tuley. I know that she married a Clarence Kitchell and had two sons. I am trying to find out where the name Rottlander fits into the picture. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Chuck Smith (29 November 2004)

66. If any anyone has got information about Roy W Tooley, son of Anne from Greenville KY, I would appreciate if they dropped me a line. If Roy is still alive he would be in his 80s. Thanks Sue (4 Feb 2005)

67. I am looking for information on a Josephine Tuley born around 1863. Josephine Married Simon F. Pearce. To this union a Rufus A. Pearce was born. We know that Simon and Josephine married somewhere around 1894 and divorced between 1900-1910. Josephine moved to California. She got remarried, but we don't know who to or anything... We have information that says she is buried near Newman, California. I do also know that Josephine had a daughter named Nettie Tuley who married a Jess Smith. Sara Bass (13 Aug 2007)

68. I am currently looking for Hettie Tooley (Mehetable?) married to Stephen D. Fletcher 1865. Born aprx. 1844. Had Eliza Jane fletcher in 1866. I am trying to find Hettie's parents names. She was on the 1870 Lake Landing Census. I do not know where to go from her to find her parent's name. Can you assist me? Melody B. Woolard (6 Apr 2008)

69. Dear Mr. Tuley:   My name is Lisa Pisterman and I am an author and local historian in Louisville, KY.  I am currently working on a research project for a historical site in our community known as the Louisville Cotton Mill, or as the building is now known, The Booker Building.  I am reconstructing the history of the textile mill with a focus on installing an exhibit onsite that visitors would be able to stop by and view in order to learn about the buildingÕs history.  I have conducted a significant amount of research in archives at the University of Louisville and at the Courier Journal.  I am currently researching one of the millÕs Presidents, Philip Speed Tuley.  He was secretary/treasurer of the company from 1891 Š 1902 and president from 1903 Š 1936.  I have been able to compile a little bit of biographical information about him, but I do not have a photograph of him.  I am contacting you to find out if there are living Tuleys in Louisville who might be able to assist me with this, or if there is someone you would recommend that I contact with regard to Mr. Tuley.  It appears from my research that Mr. Tuley had one child, who predeceased him

Thank you in advance for any insight you may have into this matter.  I appreciate your time.  Sincerely, Lisa Pisterman

69. I am looking for Massa  Tuley, the wife of Asa Tyler.  They were married in Logan County KY in 1804.  She and Asa Tyler were in Posey County Indiana in 1820.  Nathan Abbott lived near them.  Massa and Asa's son Phineas Tyler married Nathan AbbottÕs daughter Hetty Abbott.  Nathan moved to Pulaski County Ill in 1830.  Don't know where Massa and Asa went. Colleen Norman

71. I am looking for anyone that might have information on my grandfather: Edward Preston Tuley b: 1897 to Jesse Jones Tuley and Carrie B Denny of New Albany, IN   (mentioned in the Tuley Memoir book) Edward passed away in 1970 and I am trying to find out any information about him as a child.  Carrie left Jesse in Springfield, MO at 7 months pregnant with my grandfather, Edward.  Both Jesse and Carrie remarried but there is no mention of Edward in any of my research or census information.  Jesse remarried Etta Ruby of Carmi, Illinois and Carrie married George H Prather of Jeffersonville, Indiana.  My grandfather was well educated but have no idea where and who we raised him.   He just disappears from the time he is born until 1916.  I am also interested in any information regarding Jesse's siblings:  Lily Tuley Hill b: 1857 d:  ?, William P Tuley b: 1859 d:1918 (County Clerk and Banker in Carmi, Illinois) Sallie Tuley Clements b: 1860 married Judge Aaron Waller Clements resided in KY  d: 1934, Charles Edward Tuley b: 1867 also resided in Illinois, d:1933 and then Jesse b: 1871 resided in St. Louis, MO after his marriage to Etta Ruby in 1899 until his death in 1950. Linda Tuley Westbrook

72. I am looking for where I can obtain an original copy of the Tuley Memoir book.  I have checked antique book dealers and nothing.  Would appreciate any suggestions on where I could find one. Linda Tuley Westbrook

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