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  • 6. I am seeking information on the parents of Mary Ann Tooley, born in 1840, most likely in Albemarle County, Virginia. She was married to a John W. Snead. They had the following children according to the 1870 census. : Fannie age 14; Eddie age 10;William age 9; John age 7; Cellis age 5; and James Jefferson age 2. James was my great grandfather. I would like any information that anyone has on this lady. We know according to the census that he was a farmer and lived in the Fredericksville Parish in Albemarle County. Also, if by chance anyone has any information on John W. Snead that would also be welcomed. Thanks.... Ann (1 Jan 98) Send E-Mail to: Ann Bittner

  • 11. The following is my husband's ancestor and what little I know about her. Nancy Tuley was born 20 Jan 1800 in North Carolina. She married John M. Vancil in 1817 in Logan County, Kentucky. They moved to Tazewell County, Illinois, after that. Nancy died there sometime before 1890. Their children were Winny Ann, Lucinda, Leany Ann, Tobias James, Josiah P., Sophia, Edmund Monroe, Mary J., Rhoda Emeline, and Martha Melinda. If you have any additional information relating to the above, please E-Mail: Wiz196@aol.com.

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